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What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job that offers you on the job training accompanied with a salary and all the benefits you would expect from working as a full time employee. While working during your apprenticeship you are entitled to a wage and holiday entitlement, during your apprenticeship you will be required to work a minimum of 30 hours per week.

To start an apprenticeship you must be over the age of 16 and have finished full time education, here are some other interesting facts in our frequently asked questions

What are the different apprenticeship levels? 

Intermediate Apprenticeship

Intermediate apprenticeships are the equivalent or same level to five GCSE pass grades and offer a step on the career ladder for those wanting to leave full-time education at the age of 16. As an apprentice doing an intermediate apprenticeship you will be work based learning towards a level 2 certificate within your chosen field. This will allow you to receive the necessary on the job training to develop your career and wok towards an Advanced Apprenticeship if required.

Entry level for an Intermediate Apprenticeship is commonly a minimum of two GSCE’s ideally in Maths and English however if you do not have these they will be a subject of your apprenticeship.

Advanced Apprenticeship

Advanced Apprenticeships or commonly none as Level 3 Apprenticeships is the equivalent to doing 2 A-Levels and you have the opportunity to work towards a work based learning cert or BTEC qualification.. To start an advanced apprenticeship the entry requirement is normally five GCSE’s grade C or above, which is why on completion of your Intermediate apprenticeship you would receive the equivalent of this for entry level to the advanced.

You may already have the A level qualifications that the Advanced Apprenticeship offers however, a lot of people decide to take up the Level 3 apprenticeship to learn the valuable work based skills required to advanced to the next stage in the career.

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Consider Apprenticeships

If you've decided you're not going to university and want to enter the world of work then starting an apprenticeship is your best route to learning on the job skills to help develop your career. 

Apprenticeships offer many benefits from earning while you learn to being debt free when you qualify. You can now do a degree apprenticeship which is the equivalent to a bachelor's or masters degree.

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How to secure that apprenticeship job:

1. Personal Statement

You should always start off your c.v with a personal statement, this is where you describe who you are and what you have to offer. When writing this section try and veer away from using “I” for instance instead of “I am a 16 year old student” use “ A sixteen year old student” or “I have experience in” simple change to “With experience in”.

2. Education/Skills/Courses

Outline your grades such as GCSE’S or A-Levels, make reference to the number achieved and grades. You can also add any skills which you feel would benefit your application, also any courses you have taken, which can include online courses.

3. Any work experience

Detail any work experience you have taken, whether part time or not. Don’t panic if you don't have much to detail here, apprenticeship employers aren’t expecting  lot of detail here. However any details you can provide will benefit you. MORE TIPS ON HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT CV

As an apprentice you can join thousands already enjoying the benefits, Find Apprenticeships gives you access to thousands of current apprenticeship opportunities covering an extensive range of sectors and locations from all across the UK.  

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Why hire an apprentice?

Hiring an apprentice through an accredited apprenticeship scheme, either via a training provider or direct is extremely rewarding for your business or organisation in may ways.

Apprentices are keen to learn on the job and inherit the skills that already exist within your organisation. There are ten’s of thousands of budding apprentices keen to enter the world of work as an alternative option to university.

Training an apprentice and passing down current skills from and ageing workforce helps to grow your business and retain valuable experience and knowledge, offering a better return on investment.

Employer or Training Provider

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What is an Apprenticeship

Are you unsure exactly what an apprenticeship is and the benefits of apprenticeships.

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FAQs about Apprenticeships

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How to write the perfect CV

Starting out on your career path can be daunting, however with the right cv it's a lot easier than you think.

Companies recruiting apprentices like to see a curriculum vitae from apprentices and we've created a guide for you to secure that apprenticeship job.

National Apprenticeship Week

Each year a week is set aside to celebrate apprenticeships all across the UK. Many companies take part and help to promote their apprenticeship opportunities.

The isn't just about current apprenticeship jobs but also their success stories from current apprentices.

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