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Hiring an apprentice through an accredited apprenticeship scheme, either via a training provider or direct is extremely rewarding for your business or organisation in many ways.

Apprentices are keen to learn on the job and inherit the skills that already exist within your organisation. There are tens of thousands of budding apprentices keen to enter the world of work through the apprenticeship route as an alternative to university. Training an apprentice and passing down current skills from and ageing workforce helps to grow your business and retain valuable experience and knowledge, offering a return on investment plus other reasons why hiring an apprentice is important.

When deciding to offer apprenticeships it is good to understand your organisation is helping to develop and map out an apprentices career path. Hiring an apprentice should not be a reason for cheap labour or specifically a reason to reclaim monies spent on the apprenticeship levy.

Hiring an apprentice into your organisation is an educational journey for both parties and apprentices like to feel they have goals and targets they can achieve to develop themselves and work towards greater career opportunities.

Reasons to hire an Apprentice

Hire an apprentice to future proof your business

Apprenticeships have been around since the dawn of time, however more recently since May 2017 there has been a huge increase in popularity for companies to hire an apprentice. Since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy companies like yours are more eager to recruit apprentices.

Hiring an apprentice can benefit your company in many ways from reducing future recruitment costs to retaining the valuable knowledge that already exists within your current employees.

Once you’ve hired an apprentice it’s key to welcome them with open arms into your company. An apprentice may not know all the ins and outs of the apprenticeship job from day one, they are keen to learn and appreciate the opportunity that has been given to them. Although they may be earning less and are not able to give as much input into the everyday working environment, apprentices will work hard to achieve their goals and become key employees of the future.

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Frequently asked Questions about hiring an apprentice

  • How will we benefit from hiring an apprentice?
    Your company will benefit from passing on valuable knowledge and experience through apprenticeships to your future workforce. There are thousands of people wanting to become an apprentice and learn valuable skills to develop a long lasting careers with employers such as yourself.

  • How much will it cost us to hire an apprentice?
    The minimum hourly pay for an apprentice in the first year and under the age of 18yrs is £4.15. You can apply for funding through the apprenticeship levy scheme to cover training costs.

  • Do we have to guarantee apprentices a full-time job at the end of their apprenticeship?
    There is no requirement for you to employ your apprentices full-time at the end of their training.

  • How long will we have to employ apprentices for?
    This depends on the level of apprenticeship opportunity you are offering. The minimum term for an apprenticeship is 12 months up to 5 years for Degree Apprenticeships.

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