What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job that offers you on the job training accompanied with a salary and all the benefits you would expect from working as a full time employee. While working during your apprenticeship you are entitled to a wage and holiday entitlement, during your apprenticeship you will be required to work a minimum of 30 hours per week.

To start an apprenticeship you must be over the age of 16 and have finished full time education, here some other interesting facts in our frequently asked questions

Your apprenticeship is the start to your chosen career and is supported by a training plan which can be provided by either a college, university or an apprenticeship training provider. The duration of the apprenticeship depends purely on which apprenticeship you choose, but can last up to six years with a minimum duration of 12 months.

There aren’t many other opportunities to be able to earn a wage while working and to receive a recognised qualification such as an NVQ, HNC and to top it all off you can even work towards a Degree apprenticeship.

"Starting an apprenticeship was the best thing I have done. Getting paid to train and learn the skills I need to develop my career and secure my future. Plus I love animals" - Miss Jones -Veterinary Apprentice

Who offers apprenticeships?

Over recent years apprenticeships have been on the lips of nearly every learning and development department with leading organisations and SME. Historically apprenticeships were commonly associated to the trades and labor sectors’ for such skills as Plumbers and Electrician.

However the world has evolved and now apprenticeship opportunities exist across almost any career path you choose from Business Administration to IT project management. With the introduction of the apprenticeship levy companies are now encourage to help support the skills gap and train up budding apprentices to give employees the skills for the future and help sustain the UK skills shortage. Plus it helps diversify their work force.

Does starting an apprenticeship sound of interest? 

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