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All you need to know about construction apprenticeships and how to become an apprentice in construction.

"Construction Apprenticeships will help build your career" Construction Apprenticeships help to build you a career in construction through the apprenticeship training route. Many apprentice employers and apprenticeship training providers all across the UK are looking for apprentices to help them with the skills gap within the construction industry.

By starting an apprenticeship in construction you could find yourself playing a pivotal role in the construction of a housing development or a nuclear power plant the options are endless in the construction industry. If you fancy a job in the construction industry with no prior experience an apprenticeship is your best option.

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Help build the future with an Apprenticeship in Construction

Build yourself a career with a Construction Apprenticeship, top employers from all across the UK are looking for talented apprentices just like you.

There are plenty of apprenticeships available in construction from Trades, Quantity Surveying to Project Management, you can help construct the future of the UK as an apprentice in Construction.

Construction Apprenticeships UK

What can I expect from a construction apprenticeship?

That entirely depends on the level and particular area of construction you want to start an apprenticeship in. Most apprentices enter the construction industry in a specialist trade such as Bricklaying, Plastering or Civil Engineering. As you would expect with most construction disciplines the work you will be undertaking will mostly be outside so unfortunately in the winter it can get a bit nippy, however in the summer you'll be able to top up your tan.

During your construction apprenticeship you will be expected to split your time between on the job training and either classroom training or part-time study at a college or university of which your employer will happily accommodate to support your apprenticeship training.

Typical Construction Apprenticeships offered:

  • Trades such as Bricklaying, Plastering, Electricians
  • Building Services
  • Civil Engineering
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Project Management
  • Design Engineering


What qualifications can I achieve through an apprenticeship in construction?

There are a number of different nationally recognised qualifications you can achieve through a construction apprenticeship depending on the level you are studying. If you are starting your apprenticeship at the intermediate level you will receive an NVQ Level 2 qualification in your selected trade and then be able to start working your way up in your career development and even achieve a degree apprenticeship such as a Bachelors or Masters degree.

How much does the pay vary between different disciplines in construction?

Pay within the construction industry does vary depending on what your role is and in some cases where you live in the UK. Salaries and rates for self employed construction professionals has increased greatly over the last few years du to the skills shortage within the industry. Once you are qualified in a specific trade you could earn anything between £150 - £250 per day or as an employee salaries tend to start at around £25,000 - £30,000 upwards. 

When you start as an apprentice in construction or any other industry employers are required to pay a minimum hourly rate of £4.15, (this is a legal requirement) however due to the demand of apprentices across the UK many employers are paying much higher than this with starting salaries for apprentices already £20,000+. See our guide on how much you can earn as an apprentice.

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After you have registered you can find and apply for as many construction apprenticeships as you like. You can also set up an apprenticeship alert to have any new construction apprenticeship job opportunities emailed directly to you saving you time in your search.

Apprenticeship levels at a glance.

Advanced Apprenticeships Advanced Apprenticeships are the next level up from an Intermediate Apprenticeship and commonly known as Level 3 Apprenticeships.

Find out what the qualifying criteria is for an Advanced Apprenticeship and search Advanced Apprenticeship Jobs.
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Higher Apprenticeships Higher Apprenticeships or commonly known as Level 4 give you the chance to work towards an NVQ/HND or higher.

Find out how a Higher Apprenticeship can help you towards completing a Degree Apprenticeship
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Degree Apprenticeships Degree Apprenticeships are a recent edition to the apprenticeship levels, a great alternative to university degrees.

Gain a Bachelors or Masters Degree through the apprenticeship route whilst studying part-time at university.
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Frequently asked Questions about Construction Apprenticeships

Where can I find an apprenticeship in Construction?
The real question should be, where can't you find an apprenticeship in construction? Construction apprenticeships are available all across the UK advertised by small building contractors to larger main contractors looking to stem their skills gap. 

Do I have to have previous experience in construction?
The simple answer is no. The majority of apprenticeships in the construction trade are offered at the lower end starting in unskilled trades and then working your way up through the ranks. However saying that many construction firms are not offering either advanced or degree apprenticeships for those who want to enter the world of white collar contraction.

What qualifications will I gain during my construction apprenticeship?
If you start off your apprenticeship in the trades learning to be a plumber, bricklayer or even a carpenter you will gain an NVQ Level 2 which will be a great starting point to advance to the next level where you can study and train towards a BTEC diploma and you could even study towards a Bachelors or Masters Degree once you have completed the relevant apprenticeship levels.


Start building yourself a career with a Construction Apprenticeship.