Degree Apprenticeships (Level 6 Apprenticeships)

Degree Apprenticeships enable you to work towards either a Bachelors or Masters Degree during your apprenticeship training.

Degree apprenticeships are a higher level of education to help stem the skills gap by offering further education through apprenticeships enabling people to become an apprentice and work towards a recognised degree level such as a Bachelors or Masters while working full time.

Advanced Apprenticeships

A degree level apprenticeships enables learners to be able to study during work based learning schemes through university without the need to study full time at university also negating the expenditure and cost (debts) typically associated with studying at uni. You will also earn a salary during your degree apprenticeship and all other entitlements that full time employees receive.

The Degree Apprenticeship was launched by the government back in 2015 and can take up to between one year to six years. Degree apprenticeships are in relatively early stages and not all companies offer this option, however we expect more and more to come on board with this offering. Companies have to create partnerships with either universities or colleges to be able to offer Degree Apprenticeships so that you can attain the recognised qualifications.

Whilst studying your Degree Apprenticeship you have a number of options for flexibility to suit your employers requirements. These option consist of either distance or blended learning as well as the option to take a period of full-time learning during your full time work, this is commonly none as block learning.

There is sometimes confusion between degree apprenticeships and higher apprenticeships, where an apprentice has an option to study towards a higher qualification such as Bachelors qualification. The simple difference is when studying for a Degree apprenticeship you must attend university to gain the degree qualification. But in both instances all training and tuition costs are paid by the employer directly to the university or college.

Who can study for a degree apprenticeship?

Degree Apprenticeships are commonly for individuals aged between eighteen and nineteen, however this is not always the case as the option is open to anyone who fit the required criteria. There is normally a qualifying criteria for this level of apprenticeship which is normally A-levels in specific subjects, such as English, Maths and Science. The benefit for this route to a degree offers individuals the ability to study towards their required outcome without having to have the burden of high student debt, which can be in excess of £30,000 in most circumstances.  

The other option to qualify for the degree apprenticeship programme is by completing lower level apprenticeship or advanced apprenticeship which is the equivalent to A-levels, here you can find more information on Apprenticeship Levels.

At present and due to the degree apprenticeship only being available in vocational subjects, meaning that the required study is specific to a particular job or industry sector such as Aerospace, Construction or Business Management and Surveying.

Where can I find a Degree Apprenticeship?

You can find degree apprenticeships offered either directly by employers on our website or by visiting university websites that offer apprenticeship training qualifications. As the degree apprenticeship is relatively new not all universities support this type of learning, but there are plenty that do from uni’s such as the Open University, Anglia Ruskin and University of the West of England to name a few, there are approximately sixty university across the UK currently offering degree apprenticeships.

In terms of locations degree apprenticeships are available all across the country which means you can study degree apprenticeships in London to Scotland. 


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