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What is an Apprenticeship & Why become an apprentice?

Starting an Apprenticeship as a course into a job is turning out to be progressively mainstream. As an apprentice you will earn while you learn and the genuine aptitudes and experience you get from an Apprenticeship are looked by employers/companies, so you’ll have the edge over other job hunters.

As a student you’ll work in an organization as a worker, with pay and working close by experienced staff to gain on the job experience. Whilst working as an apprentice you will usually receive day release to college, to get preparing and work towards a nationally recognised qualification.

The Benefits

There are heaps of advantages to doing an Apprenticeship. You can “earn while you learn”, and learn in a way that is most appropriate to you – through hands-on experience at work – learning from the best!

Earn While You Learn!

Students do genuine occupations for genuine businesses. So you’re paid while you learn. On the off chance that you are entering work for the first time, you will begin procuring from the very beginning of your Apprenticeship. Bosses everywhere throughout the nation perceive and esteem Apprenticeships as they demonstrate that you’ve been prepared in the aptitudes they require.

There is no set rate of pay for students, however all utilized disciples must get a compensation of no under £3.50 every hour. However the normal pay every week for a student is presently around £170 and in some employment parts around £210 every week.


Levels of apprenticeship?

Your level of capability will rely on upon the Level of Apprenticeship you wish to attempt from either a Level 1 Intermediate Apprenticeship; a Level 2 Advanced Apprenticeship and a Level 3 Higher Apprenticeship

There are three levels of apprenticeship accessible for those matured 16 and over:

Middle of the road Apprenticeships (proportional to a Level 2 standard capability). Understudies work towards work-based learning capabilities, for example, a NVQ Level 2, Functional Skills and, at times, an important information based capability. The project will take between 12-year and a half. These give the aptitudes to a picked vocation and permit passage to:

Propelled Apprenticeships (proportionate to two A-level passes/Level 3). Propelled students work towards work-based learning capabilities, for example, a NVQ Level 3, Functional Skills and, as a rule, a pertinent information based authentication. The project will take between 15-24 months. To begin this project, understudies ought to in a perfect world have five GCSEs (grade C or above) or have finished a middle of the road apprenticeship.

Higher Apprenticeships create abilities at Level 4. Higher disciples work towards work-based learning capabilities, for example, a NVQ Level 4 and, at times, an information based capability, for example, a Foundation Degree. These projects might take up to three years to finish.

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