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All you need to know about aerospace apprenticeships and how to become an apprentice in aerospace.

"Take flight with an Aerospace Apprenticeship" Aerospace Apprenticeships are available all across the UK with leading companies in the aerospace industry. If you are interested in aeroplanes, space or defence systems then aerospace is the sector for you to start an apprenticeship.

The responsibility of aerospace companies is to produce and maintain the worlds air and space crafts with companies such as Airbus, Boeing and Astrium leading the field with the latest technology and advancements in the aerospace field of engineering.

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Prepare for take off with an Apprenticeship in Aerospace

Strap yourself in and get ready to launch your career with an apprenticeship in Aerospace, set you career aspirations to new highs and who know where an apprenticeship will take you.

No matter where you live in the UK you can be sure there is either an aerospace company or supplier to the aerospace industry. With over 95,000 people employed in the aerospace industry in the UK with an estimated turnover of over £35billion pounds it makes it one of the most sort after industries to work in and the pay isn't bed either.

What types of apprenticeships are there in Aerospace?

As most aerospace companies actually manufacture and build components for aircrafts and space rockets it would be safe to say that the majority of the apprenticeships on offer will revolve around manufacturing. Once aircrafts are built they are then handed over to the owner which in most cases will be commercial airline companies such as British Airways, Emirates or Virgin Atlantic who will be responsible for the on going maintenance of the aircrafts and also recruit large numbers of apprentices each year to help maintain their aircrafts.

The hot spot areas for apprenticeships in the Aerospace industry in the UK are the South West, as Airbus is located in Bristol but they do have other locations in the UK such as Broughton and Hertfordshire, and the East Midlands. The types of apprenticeships on offer in the aerospace industry varies from employer to employer: 

  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • CNC Machinists
  • Assembly Technicians
  • Software Engineers
  • Design Technicians

Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship - Non Destructive Testing Operative

During this Level 2 Aerospace Apprenticeship you will be trained in Health and Safety, in-depth knowledge of NDT such as defects and reject criteria. You will also gain an understanding of sector specific technologies, products and materials to be able to conduct your role. There are no specific entry requirements for this apprenticeships and it will last approximately 18 months.

Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship - Aerospace Software Development Engineer

As a Software Engineer you will be expected to understand the fundamentals of software engineering and the lifecycle, as an apprentice ou will also be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of methods and tools to make modifications and changes to software related products. Entry requirements for this degree apprenticeships will consist of A-Levels which will include at least two STEM subjects and it will last approximately 48 months.

What qualifications will I be able to gain from an apprenticeship in Aerospace?

Aerospace offers you a great opportunity to develop a career and progress through the ranks via the apprenticeship route. Many aerospace companies off Intermediate Apprenticeships which is the starting point for anyone wanting to enter the world of apprenticeships. 

You can then steadily over a period of 12 months to 5 years complete an Advanced up to Degree apprenticeship in your chosen filed and gain either a Bachelors or Masters degree without having to go to university full-time.

How secure is the aerospace industry for my future career?

How long is a piece of string? We can't guarantee the future of any industry, however as long as aeroplanes are in the sky and space travel continues which in our opinion will be for a few more years yet we can honestly say the aerospace industry is looking pretty good for the foreseeable future.

With the competition in the aerospace industry also looking to produce the first reliable electric plane for long haul travel there is lots of opportunities now and in the future for an apprenticeship in aerospace.

Aerospace Apprenticeships UK

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Apprenticeship levels at a glance.

Advanced Apprenticeships Advanced Apprenticeships are the next level up from an Intermediate Apprenticeship

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Higher Apprenticeships Higher Apprenticeships or commonly known as Level 4 give you the chance to work towards an NVQ/HND or higher.

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Degree Apprenticeships Degree Apprenticeships are a recent edition to the apprenticeship levels, a great alternative to university degrees.

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Frequently asked Questions about Aerospace Apprenticeships

Where can I find an apprenticeship in Aerospace?
Use our quick and easy search function to find an apprenticeship in aerospace then register to become an apprentice.

Do I have to have previous experience to start an Aerospace apprenticeship?
The aerospace industry is keen to take on apprentices at the entry level apprenticeship to train apprentice up with the required skills and training needed to be able to progress their career goals in aerospace, they do this through the intermediate apprenticeship route.

Who are the best Aerospace companies to work for and do they offer apprenticeships?
Every leading aerospace company in the UK offers apprenticeships and we have provided a short list of companies we would recommend to get your career of the ground through an apprenticeship.


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