Popular Apprenticeship Jobs

The most popular apprenticeships that budding apprentices search and apply for on our website.

Popular Apprenticeships

Choosing a job is hard enough but choosing an apprenticeship job which will help kick-start your career can be a minefield for some. We have highlighted below some of the most popular apprenticeship jobs that people search for to help give you an idea of the career route you want to take to become an apprentice. We've included popular sectors and locations with a guild to give you an insight to the apprenticeship jobs available.

Why not also check out our apprenticeship FAQs which outlines how much you could earn as an apprentice and answer any other questions you may have. 


Apprenticeships in London:

London is the heart of the UK and it's no surprise to find that we have over 2,000 apprenticeship job opportunities advertised on our website daily from leading employers and apprenticeships training providers looking to hire an apprentice and offer them the opportunity to help kick start their career whilst learning on the job and earning a wage at the same time.

It will be no surprise to hear that apprenticeship salaries are commonly higher in London due to the extra costs of living in the City, some employers may also consider adding London weighting to the salary to help with the extra living costs of living in London. That said remember that you don't have to live in London to be able to apply for an apprenticeship job in the City as long as you are comfortable commuting then opportunities are open to all.  


Apprenticeship in Plumbing:

Unblock your potential and give your career a kick start into one of the UK's largest industries of Facilities Management by starting a plumbing apprenticeship job. If you are looking for a job that offers security and development plus options to be able to work in many other industry then a plumbing apprenticeship is right for you. You would also need to enjoy getting dirty and wet as plumbing is not a clean job. 

Plumbing apprenticeships are offered by many companies up and down the country from leading employers such as Pimlico Plumbers who are London biggest residential plumbing company, Dyno Rod or Homeserve who are a national company providing all types of plumbing services from residential to mains plumbing. You would commonly train on the job starting with an NVQ level 2 in basic plumbing and move up from there allowing you to do 1st and 2nd fix. Once you have training in this you may decide you would like to consider becoming a Gas Engineer where you would then do a Plumbing and Heating Apprenticeship diploma.


Construction Apprenticeships:

Build yourself a career with a Construction Apprenticeship, top employers from all across the UK are looking to hire apprentices in the construction and engineering fields due to the lack of available talent. The construction industry covers such a wide variety of disciplines from bricklaying to quantity surveying, you name it there is probable an apprenticeship job opportunity for it. 

Large construction firms such as Mott McDonald and Balfour Beatty are always constantly recruiting apprentices to keep up with he high work loads they have on their books. You could also consider house builders such as Taylor Wimpey or Persimmon homes as they recruit and train apprentices on the trades to keep the flow of houses being built on target with the governments expectations as the population grows. The benefit of construction apprenticeship is that the skills are transferable to other sectors such as Civil Engineering or Utilities.


NHS Apprenticeships:

The National Health Service is one of the biggest employers in the UK so it wouldn’t be a surprise to know they recruit apprentices through a dedicated apprenticeship scheme for the NHS. Apprenticeships in the NHS can help you gain entry to a career within the national health service across many of the departments from midwifery to accident and emergency. 

Check out this short video about apprenticeships in the NHS:



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