Adult Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships aren’t just for 16-24 year olds, there is no age limit to studying an apprenticeship.

If you are living in England and are not already in full-time education and have the desire to learn new on the job skills then an adult apprenticeship might be the best route for you to become an apprentice.

Adult Apprenticeships

For many years apprenticeships have been considered only for school leavers or young people entering the world of work, however this is a myth as apprenticeships are for all ages and since the introduction of adult apprenticeships more and more older people are opting for this route, rather than going back into full-time education.

Doing an adult apprenticeships can open up more possibilities to develop your career aspirations and develop you as an individual. Whether you are considering a career move or like the opportunity of developing in your current employer then studying further education to learn new skills through the apprenticeship route is a great alternative to other further education options.

If you’re thinking of starting an Adult Apprenticeship and you are over the age of 24 currently in employment then why not speak to your current employer to see what options are available. Since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy many larger employers have to pay a levy to the government to help fund apprenticeships, not just in their own organisation but for smaller SME’s. This fund is there to encourage employers to help develop both new and existing employees through the apprenticeship route.

Adult Apprenticeships may be able to offer other funding to help pay for childcare or travel which is related to your training course. Your employer should also be able to provide you information on how to enquire for this funding through the Advanced Learner Loan scheme. However in most instances employers may cover these extra cost, after all your development will benefit them in the long run.

During your apprenticeship you will still receive all associated benefits such as salary, holiday and healthcare. 

How long will my apprenticeship take?

Depending on the level of apprenticeship you study it can take anywhere from 12 months and 5 years.

Apprenticeships start at the intermediate level and have a minimal qualifying criteria, but go all the way up to Degree Apprenticeships which require you to have complete an advanced apprenticeship of have the required A-Level’s to be able to study. 

What benefit would there be for me doing an Adult Apprenticeship?

The benefits are countless depending on how you want to progress or change your career. Be sure that before choosing your apprenticeship option it fits with your requirements and how you want to develop moving forward.

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