CV tips to help you Become an Apprentice

Creating the Perfect CV to land the all important apprenticeship job!

8 Great tips on how to write the perfect cv to become an apprentice


Personal Statement: 

Try to keep this short but catchy, no more than five lines. Here is your first impression to your future employer. Use motivational words such as Ambitious and Confident.

For Instance:

“ A confident and ambitious individual looking to develop a career with a company”



You can make this bit fun and exciting, as you are applying for an Apprenticeship you may not have any skills relating to work. Like being able to say the alphabet backwards.

However you may have some other skills you use in everyday life, such as I.T skills like word-processing or powerpoint etc.

List them with bullet points:

  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Word


Previous Jobs or Work Experience: 

This maybe a tough section for you to complete as you may have only just left school, which would mean you wouldn’t necessarily have any previous jobs to mention. When applying for an apprenticeship employers are aware this maybe the case.

It would be suggested to enter any experience you have had, part-time jobs, paper rounds or any voluntary work you may have done.



Employers like to see you have a minimum level of qualifications like G.C.S.E’s, when applying for some apprenticeships this can be a minimum requirement. After all you are applying for an apprenticeship.

However you may not have any, but add in here any other extra Curriculum activities or qualification’s you have. 

“University of life” does not count.


Tailor your CV:

If you are looking to find an apprenticeship in construction or accounting, tailor you CV to demonstrate your interest in these fields. 

You have to show future employers you want this opportunity to learn on the job and develop yourself for a future career. After all the company is investing time and energy into you.


Make sure it’s up to date:

If you make your cv searchable on job sites to employers. Keep your CV up to date, when you have experienced work or attended any extra curriculum activities add it to your cv. 



What do you like to get up to in your spare time, whether it’s keeping fit, voluntary work or computer programming it gives future employers an in-site into you as an individual.



Finally this is probably the most important part of your cv and application and needs to be tailored for each position you apply for.  You may even  want to consider not adding this part to your cv and creating a cover letter. Before writing this section do some research on the company, if you know who they are. 

Or you simply google what the job entails and decide if it for you and then write something compelling as to why you want this job and why you want to work for the company. 

Now you are ready to Find Apprenticeships

Become an apprentice