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Do you have any questions about hiring an apprentice? Visit some of our helpful guides such as Why hire an apprentice? or how to offer apprenticeship training.

"Advertise apprenticeships with us" Advertising apprenticeships on is your first steps towards hiring an apprentice. We are the UK's leading website for apprentices to find apprenticeship jobs, we are visited by tens of thousands of budding apprentices each month looking to find an apprenticeship opportunity advertised by leading employers or apprenticeship training providers just like you.

We have a number of advertising options available for you to advertise your apprenticeships from a single job post to a monthly subscription solution. To find out more about our advertising options why not drop us a line: Contact Us
Why hire an apprentice? Hiring an apprentice for your business is very rewarding and help to grow your business organically. We have highlighted the main benefits as to why you should hire an apprentice. Find out more Register your business Register your business on the UK's leading website for apprenticeship jobs. With tens of thousands of apprentices visiting our site each month their is no better option to find an apprentice for your apprenticeships. Find out more Apprenticeship Levy Find out if your business is legible to qualify for funding through the government apprenticeship levy scheme. Find government approved apprenticeship training providers to help with your training needs. Find out more Hire an apprentice Hire an Apprentice! Hire an apprentice for your business by advertising your apprenticeships with us. Simply register your company and create a client profile which will be added to our apprentice employer directory.

Each apprenticeship job advert will be live for 28 days and distributed across our social networks giving you maximum exposure for your advertised apprenticeship and your brand as an apprentice employer.


Standard Ad £99 This is our basic apprenticeship job listing which will appear in the search results based on date added.

On average standard apprenticeship adverts receive approximately 30+ applications from budding apprentices.  
Featured Ad £199 Our most popular apprenticeship job listing appears at the top of search results and features on our home page on a rotation basis.

On average clients using this apprenticeship job advert receive approximately 60+ applications.
Monthly Subscription. Do you recruit apprentices on a regular basis and need to advertise apprenticeship jobs monthly?

Drop us a line and one of the team will be in contact with you to discuss our subscription services.
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Where your apprenticeship jobs are advertised

Apprenticeships London Apprenticeships London Apprenticeships.London is the capitals leading jobs website for apprenticeships. It is visited by over thirty thousand budding apprentices each month looking to find a London Apprenticeship.

If the apprenticeship job opportunity you advertise with us is located in or around London it will automatically be advertised on our Apprenticeships London website.
Apprentices APP
Apprentices APP Apprentices.APP is the only APP available for budding apprentices to find apprenticeship jobs and apply directly using their handheld device.

Our advanced technology allows budding apprentices to download our Apprentices APP without the need for them to visit the Play or Apple stores. Your apprenticeship jobs will also be advertised on our APP due for launch mid 2021.
Apprentice Jobs
Apprentice Jobs Launched in December 2020 ApprenticeJobs.UK is a great addition to our apprenticeship jobs websites.

Finding you apprentices is what we do best, making sure you get the best exposure to your apprenticeship jobs and promoting your brand as an apprentice employer of choice is why we have launched this new website to extend both yours and our reach.

FAQs About hiring apprentices

Advertise Apprenticeships and Hire an apprentice

How will we benefit from hiring an apprentice?

When you hire an apprentice your company will benefit from passing on valuable knowledge and experience through apprenticeships to your future workforce.

How much will it cost us to hire an apprentice?

The minimum hourly pay for an apprentice in the first year and under the age of 18yrs is £4.15 but the national average pay for apprentices is £15,000 - £20,000. You can apply for funding through the apprenticeship levy scheme to cover training costs.

Do we have to guarantee apprentices a full-time job at the end of their apprenticeship?

The is no requirement for you to employ your apprentices full-time at the end of their training.

How long will we have to employ apprentices for?

This depends on the level of apprenticeship opportunity you are recruiting for, the minimum term for an apprenticeship is 12 months up to 5 years for Degree Apprenticeships.

Why hire an apprentice?

There are many reasons to hire an apprentice including giving an individual the opportunity to on the job training learning new skills to transferring knowledge to a future workforce.

You can find other reasons as to why you should hire an apprentice on our guide.

How do we advertise apprenticeships?

Its quick and easy to advertise apprenticeships on our website, simple use our quick post apprenticeships tool.

How easy is it to find apprentices?

It's as easy as 1,2,3 but your first step is to register your company to find an apprentice.

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