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Earn While You Learn

So you’re thinking about starting an apprenticeship but you want to know what you could earn while you are learning?

For the first year of your apprenticeship you are entitled to the National Minimum Wage for an apprentice of £3.50 per hour.

Once you have completed your first year you are entitled to the national minimum wage associated to your age group:

  • Under 18 – £4.05 per hour
  • 18 – 20 – £5.60 per hour
  • 21 – 24 – £7.05 per hour
  • 25 and onwards – £7.50 per hour

Please note that these are the national minimum that an employer is allowed to pay, however we would like to point out that the majority of organisations only use these as a guide line and tend to pay more to the apprentice depending on the apprenticeship programme.

So if this has wet your appetite then its now time to find an apprenticeship!