Becoming an apprentice: How do I apply for apprenticeships?

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Applying for apprenticeships is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Applying for apprenticeships is just like applying for a full-time job, the only difference is an apprenticeship is a form of further education and offers on the job training.


So how would you apply for a job, simple you would register with every job board on the internet and wait for the jobs to come to you? Wrong. This is not the best way to apply for jobs and certainly not the best way to apply for apprenticeships.

Applying for apprenticeships is as easy as 1 2 3

Applying for an apprenticeship is simple and when you should apply for an apprenticeship totally depends on the level of apprenticeship you are looking to start.


There are some simple steps to take to become an apprentice by applying for an apprenticeship using these steps you will be earning and learning in no time.


  1. Personal Brand - Whether you are apply for a plumbing apprenticeship or to become a cyber security consultant a personal brand is important.

    You want to demonstrate to your perspective apprentice employer that you are committed to the apprenticeship training and not going out drinking on a school night, even though we all love to party.

    Set up a LinkedIn profile and clean up any personal social media account you have, or just make them private. A LinkedIn profile is great as it act as an online cv and is a great way for you to interact with professionals and ask questions to previous apprentices.

  2. Curriculum Vitae - You will need a cv to apply for an apprenticeship just like you would with a  full-time job. however the main difference would the your career history, most new apprentices don’t necessarily have any work experience. Don’t worry, apprentice employers aren’t expecting any.

    Use the space wisely to sell your self, highlight any experience you have had including any clubs you belong to, or any work experience you have had whilst still at school.

    Follow our guide on how to create the ideal cv to apply for an apprenticeship - CV Tips for apprentices

  3. Register - In order to become an apprentice and apply for apprenticeships you will need to register with relevant online resources. There are plenty to choose from, and make sure you set your preferences correctly to make so that you are alerted to apprenticeships as and when they become available.

    If you know which employer you would prefer to do you apprenticeship with, visit their website and register your interest in their apprenticeships.

    For degree apprenticeships we recommend registering with universities through their careers portals or even UCAS.

Apprenticeship Alerts

There you have it, applying for apprenticeships is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Follow these simple steps and you will successfully secure an apprenticeship opportunity.

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