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  • Autumn Budget: Education and T-Levels?

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    The media have adopted the name “T-Levels” which refers to a planned overhaul by the government of the technical education sector. Sometimes “T-Levels” is also referred to as “Tech Levels”. There are fifteen sectors that will be affected by this where an increase in technical training is required to keep up with the demand for skills by 2022, this will enable individuals taking these courses to ...

  • As the F1 season comes to a closure, Lewis has already been crowned World Champion.

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    The Formula 1 Season gets off to a great start! This weekend sees the end of the 2017 Formula 1 championship in Abu Dhabi and what a ride it has been this season. Although Lewis Hamilton finished 9th in Mexico he was still crowned the World Champion for the fourth time, 2008,14,15 and 2017. But did you know that Lewis Hamilton started his career as an apprentice before being signed to McLaren in ...

  • The Apprentice so far! How have Lord Sugar’s potential business partners fared this year.

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    On the 4th October the wait was finally over for the return of the eagerly awaited The Apprentice, back for it’s 13th Season. Our Wednesday nights are filled again with laughter and sadness, with the odd piece of stupidity thrown in. But how has the journey been so far for the contestants, we are now on week 8 of which the apprentices will have to set up their own doggy businesses, would you ...

  • What are Apprenticeships and How do they work?

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    Apprenticeships are a work based learning scheme, commonly aimed at younger people aged between 16-24, however are now available to most people depending on the scheme availability. An apprenticeship offers a combination of on the job training whilst studying towards a recognised qualification or degree. You will earn while you are learning with starting salaries at a national minimum of £3.50 ...

  • How to create the perfect apprentice profile to secure that job!

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    You’ve decided you don't want to go to uni and want to get your first job as an apprentice? Here is our guide on how to create the perfect apprentice profile to attract potential employers. To land that ideal apprenticeship opportunity it’s all about selling yourself, just like it would be when applying for a job in later life. First of you will need to prepare a c.v, this should include: 1. ...

  • Vote for your favourite Christmas Advert 2017?

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    It's that time of year again folks, the run up to Christmas. Yes thats right Christmas, it happens the same time every year yet we are always so unprepared. People rushing round to buy those last minute gifts, trolleys being bashed in the supermarkets as everyone is rushing to get the biggest turkey. As we know it can be a stressful time of year for many, especially the unprepared. However we ...

  • How Paul became a Plumber.

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    Watch Paul's journey of how he found his ideal apprenticeship as a Plumber.

  • Tomorrows Engineers Week #TEweek17

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    Wow what a week it's been, we are now on day 4 of Tomorrows Engineers week. "Tomorrows Engineers Week has now return for it's 5th Year! Thats right five years, which in it's self is a huge accomplishment. The week showcases to the world why it is so important to focus efforts on developing individuals to before tomorrows engineers!" It is anticipated that the UK will require 186,000 skilled ...

  • University v's Apprenticeships

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    You’re at that stage in your life when you need to decide whether or not to venture off to University. You’re excited about the life style that comes with it, partying, two hours of lectures a day and taking much needed power naps as and when you feel. But have you considered the draw backs of going to uni? Did you know the average debt when leaving university has now risen to £50,800, this comes ...