Apprentice Employers: How to hire an apprentice in 2022

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Knowing how to hire an apprentice in 2022 will set you apart from other apprentice employers.

When you hire an apprentice you are helping kickstart someones career, so you need to get it right. 

Apprentice Employers

Are you scratching your head trying to figure out why you application levels for your apprenticeship are low?

As an apprentice employer you need to make sure you give an apprentice the best apprenticeship training available to help them develop, apprentices are your future workforce, why else would you hire an apprentice?

To hire an apprentice you first need to advertise apprenticeships, yes that right you will find it difficult to attract apprentice talent to your company without actually publishing your apprenticeships.


Advertise Apprenticeships

Its all in the detail:

2022 is going to be a busy year for apprenticeships and attracting future talent is going to hot up. So, to stay ahead of the game you need to make sure you make your apprenticeships attractive.


How are you going to do this? Detail. When advertising apprenticeships you need to provide detail to your readers and engage with them.


Here are some questions a prospective apprentice may ask themselves when looking for an apprenticeship, or when reading apprenticeship ads.


1) What is the apprenticeship on offer?


2) How much is this apprenticeship paying?


3) What qualifications will I gain from this apprenticeship?


4) How long is this apprenticeship?


5) What does this apprentice employer do?


6) What is on offer after this apprenticeship?


Using the above titles will help you build an engaging and attractive ad for you apprenticeships. Put as much detail as you like into each section, but don’t waffle on as you will loose the interest of your audience.


One of the most important factors you MUST include when publishing your apprenticeships is the apprentice pay, did you know that adverts with published salaries gain over 50% more applications.

What else do you need to do to attract apprentices?

Great so you have drafted some fantastic apprenticeship ads and now you need to show future apprentices you are an employer they want to work for. The likelihood, as we are in the 21st century, is that any perspective apprentice will visit your company website.

  • Are you showcasing your apprenticeships?
  • Do your careers pages provide further information about your apprenticeships?
  • Do you have any success stories? Feedback from previous apprentices.


If not why not, we bet you do for your full-time jobs. Apprenticeships are no different from permanent jobs and candidates tend to conduct their jobhunt in the same way.

If you showcase your apprenticeships on your company website you will increase your engagement with future apprentices and increase your application levels.

The more information you provide, the more engagement your will get and the higher your application levels for your apprenticeships, it’s not rocket science.

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