Apprenticeship Blog - Apprentice News, Stories and How-tos! - March 2021

  • Life as an Apprentice at Edwards Vacuum by Sam Ellis and Charlie Harrison

    Posted on Monday, March 29, 2021 by Sam and Charlie @EdwardsVacuumNo comments

    Life as an apprentice at Edwards Vacuum by Sam and Charlie. Two of Edwards Vacuum apprentices tell us about what life is like at the company and why they decided to do their apprenticeship with Edwards. Charlie Harrison – Software Engineering Degree Apprentice Sam Ellis – Electrical/Electronic Engineering Degree Apprentice Why did you choose to become an apprentice? I chose an apprenticeship ...

  • Life as an apprentice by Isobel MacDonald (@abusinessapprentice)

    Posted on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 by Isobel MacDonald @abusinessapprenticeNo comments

    I’m Isobel, and I’m a business professional apprentice working at a UK law firm. During my 18 month apprenticeship, I rotate around areas of the business such as marketing, project management, HR, and finance. Alongside working, I am studying towards a level 3 business administration qualification. Rotating around different areas of the business has allowed me to experience and find the area of ...