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I’m Isobel, and I’m a business professional apprentice working at a UK law firm.

During my 18 month apprenticeship, I rotate around areas of the business such as marketing, project management, HR, and finance. Alongside working, I am studying towards a level 3 business administration qualification. Rotating around different areas of the business has allowed me to experience and find the area of business I like the most, giving me an idea of the sort of career I would like to have in the future. As I come towards the end of my apprenticeship, I now know I would like to pursue a career in marketing.

What is a highlight of your apprenticeship?

One of the highlights of my apprenticeship so far has been project managing a series of videos for the firm on the topic of diversity and inclusion, and creating a marketing campaign to promote it. This involved the planning of the video itself, as well as managing the internal and external comms of the campaign. I spent 3 months working closely with a filming agency to perfect the video and its messaging. We filmed the video over 2 days in the office which I enjoyed so much and found extremely insightful.

What is the social aspect like when doing an apprenticeship?

I find the social aspect of being an apprentice great. At my firm there are 17 other apprentices, and the number is only growing - so lots of juniors around the firm. Before COVID we had regular socials and even nights out together, which now happen over zoom! It is great to be in an environment with so many other young people, and work for a firm with such a great culture. One of the biggest factors many consider when thinking about the apprenticeship route is missing out on the university lifestyle. Personally, I have not felt like I have missed out since embarking on my apprenticeship in October 2019. Yes, the lifestyle is different, but I have still had a lot of fun and if you are willing to put yourself out there to make new friends inside and outside of work - you will have a great time too!

What are your long term career goals?

Long term, I would like to work in marketing, in the fashion or beauty industry – allowing me to mix my career and personal interests. Choosing to do an apprenticeship after my A-Levels has helped me to find the career I would like to pursue, as well as gain extremely valuable experience in the corporate world with the bonus of getting extra qualifications. Next, I hope to embark on a degree apprenticeship in business.

Would you recommend others to do an apprenticeship?

I really enjoy being an apprentice, and feel really passionate about promoting this as an alternative route to university. I would recommend anyone leaving school to consider an apprenticeship, if it is available in your interest area. An apprenticeship really will be what you make of it, which is something I was told when I started mine!

How do you promote your experiences and benefits of apprenticeships?

Recently, I have created a TikTok and Instagram page to share what it is like to work in the corporate world from a young age, give an insight into apprenticeships and also inspire other young woman to be excited about their career like I am! The tag is @abuisnessapprentice for both. I try to answer all TikTok comments and Instagram DM’s if you have any questions at all.

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