Skills you can learn from becoming an apprentice

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Without pointing out the obvious, you will learn much more then just on the job skills when you become an apprentice.

Becoming an apprentice is no easy task, there are many steps you need to take along the way to secure that life changing Apprenticeship job and when you do there is so much more to learn then just the skills your apprenticeship has to offer.

Skills you'll learning when you become an apprentice

So what will you learn as an apprentice?

1. Interaction skills - When you start your apprenticeship you will be embedded into the company culture of the organisation you start work for. Day to day you will be interacting with people at all levels, meaning you will have to adapt your approach depending on who you will be working with. 

2. Time Management - Going to work each day, can be a chore, getting up early each morning and not getting home till late most days. This is no different to you attending school or college although the times might differ slightly. But having to set yourself a daily routine is great for time management kills.

3. To do lists - This is one of our favourites. Each day unlike school or college you will be left to your own devices during your apprenticeship and have to action tasks to be able to reach your goals. To do lists are great for this, prioritise what is most important and what needs completing first and work your way down the list.

4. Negotiating skills - Depending on the role you under take during your apprenticeship training you may need to rely on the support of others, whether it is just requesting information or setting time tables for your training needs, you will probably require negotiation skills to encourage others to work to your time frames or provide the relevant information required.

5. Finances - Apprenticeships commonly pay less then the equivalent full-time position meaning you will need to manage your finances correctly so you don’t over spend and have no money to get to work for fuel or the bus ride. Knowing how much you will be paid each month allows you to budget and forecast your expenses.

6. Relationship building - Work places are great environments for making new friends or close colleagues that you may be working with in years to come. Building great rapport with people is great in the work place and takes away pressure when you may need to rely on support from individuals to help out from time to time.

The above skills will help you develop not just as an individual but through out your career, as you move up the career ladder you will have to adapt each of these skills to new environments.

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