Eight Simple (but important) Things to Remember About Apprenticeships

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Eight Simple (but important) Things to Remember About Apprenticeships

Important facts to know about apprenticeships Apprenticeships

Starting an apprenticeship is a great way to enter the world of work and start to earn why you learn. But do you know what the top ten key facts that apprenticeships have to offer?

1. Earning - Apprenticeship jobs pay you a wage while you are training. The salary may not make you a millionaire at first but it will help toward your travel expenses to and from work plus it means you won’t incur the mountain of debt associated with going to university. Did you know the average student debt from going to university is in excess of £30k, yes that right thirty thousand pounds.

2. Further Education - Apprenticeships are a form of further education, because you have to stay in some for of FE until the age of 18 why not consider an apprenticeship. Other options available are to stay on at school to do A-levels or further your education at a college.

3. Training - On the job training is the best form of learning you could do in our opinion. There are many skilled and non-skilled job responsibilities in the market place from Plumbing to Banking and what better way to learn then via an apprenticeship route. Learning from the people physically doing the job, this is a much better form of FE then classroom based training.

4. Development - Studying via the apprenticeship route will open up many doors for your career development opportunities. Apprenticeships offer nationally recognised qualifications, which a lot of employers look for, from NVQs to Degrees.

5. Ahead - Stay ahead of the competition. The employment market is like a jungle and with recent events such as COVID-19 your best option is to 
become an apprentice so that when the economy and jobs market starts to rebuild you have successfully trained in a new skill to be able to kick start your career.

6. University - Were you considering going to university? No need. Did you know you can now study towards a Bachelors or Masters Degree via the apprenticeship route. It may take slightly longer then your average three year university course but once you have qualified and have that degree under your belt you’ll also have 3-5 years work experience. Which is highly valuable.

7. Employers - Some employers have dim views on the youth of today. They believe they don’t necessarily have the same work ethics as they did, but as more employers see the benefits of apprenticeships their views are starting to change and they want ambitious and willing apprentice trainees to come on board and inherit their skills.

Our last and final point to take away about apprenticeships.

8. Prospects - Apprenticeships will give you the opportunity to grow and build on your career prospects. Most employers will support you in your development if you show them the commitment to learn and develop. As such you could carve yourself a long lasting career with a great company providing you pick your apprenticeship options correctly.

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