How to create the perfect apprentice profile to secure that job!

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You’ve decided you don't want to go to uni and want to get your first job as an apprentice? Here is our guide on how to create the perfect apprentice profile to attract potential employers.

To land that ideal apprenticeship opportunity it’s all about selling yourself, just like it would be when applying for a job in later life.

First of you will need to prepare a c.v, this should include:

1. Personal Statement

You should always start off your c.v with a personal statement, this is where you describe who you are and what you have to offer. When writing this section try and veer away from using “I” for instance instead of “I am a 16 year old student” use “ A sixteen year old student” or “I have experience in” simple change to “With experience in”.

2. Education/Skills/Courses

Outline your grades such as GCSE’S or A-Levels, make reference to the number achieved and grades. You can also add any skills which you feel would benefit your application, also any courses you have taken, which can include online courses.

3. Any work experience

Detail any work expire you have taken, whether part time or not. Don’t worry too much about this section, further apprenticeship employers aren’t expecting too much detail here. However any details you can provide will benefit you.

4. Hobbies/Interests

This is a great way to get across your personality, employers like to see how active you are outside of work. You may even have your own personal blog which would be great to get their attention.

5. Asperations

What is it you want to achieve from your apprenticeship, where do you see yourself in the future. This section will need to demonstrate your enthusiasm for want to become and apprentice and what benefits you will get.

6. References

If you have had work experience details your reference here, again don’t worry if you haven’t you can always add details of close family friends, teachers or a career councillor as they will always be happy to assist.

Try and be as detailed as possible, to get you started you can use this online c.v template from Reed.

Secondly create yourself a professional social profile, this will be your online c.v and will show employers you are actively engaged online to increase your chances of landing that apprenticeship. 

You can create a professional profile on a number of sites but our two favourites are LinkedIn and

Once you have created these profiles add a link to them from any social media profiles you have such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Now that you have created your winning c.v and professional profiles its time to find an apprenticeship and become an apprentice, you can search for apprenticeship jobs and apply directly to employers with your CV.

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