What is a Totum Card? Discounts for Students and Apprentices

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Exploring Totum: Exclusive Offers for Students and Apprentices in the UK

Totum, formerly known as NUS Extra, is a valuable resource for students and apprentices in the United Kingdom. It offers an array of exclusive deals and discounts designed to ease the financial burden of pursuing education and vocational training. Let's take a look at what Totum is and the enticing offers it provides to support the educational journeys of young learners in the UK.


What is Totum?

Totum, the new name for the National Union of Students (NUS) Extra card, is the UK's #1 student discount card. While traditionally aimed at university students, Totum recognises the diverse educational landscape in the UK and has expanded its benefits to apprentices, further education students, and even mature learners. It's a must-have card for those who want to save money while pursuing their studies or apprenticeships.


What is a Totum Card? Discounts for Students and Apprentices


Exclusive Offers for Students and Apprentices:

Retail Discounts:

Totum provides access to a wide range of retail discounts, including clothing, electronics, and everyday essentials. Major brands and retailers like Amazon, ASOS, and Co-op are part of the Totum discount network. Students and apprentices can enjoy considerable savings on their shopping.


Food and Dining Deals:

Dining out or ordering in? Totum has you covered with discounts at popular restaurants, takeaways, and food delivery services. Whether you're a foodie or just looking for a quick meal, these deals can keep your budget in check.


Travel Savings:

Traveling to and from your educational institution or workplace is often a significant expense. Totum offers discounted rail and bus travel, helping students and apprentices cut commuting costs. Additionally, you can find discounts on airport transfers and even international travel options.


Entertainment and Leisure:

Taking a break from studies or work? Totum makes it more affordable to enjoy leisure activities. Benefit from reduced prices on cinema tickets, music concerts, and theme parks, ensuring you have access to enjoyable experiences without breaking the bank.


Tech and Gadgets:

In the digital age, having the right tech tools is crucial for learning and work. Totum provides discounts on laptops, software, and other tech gadgets, helping students and apprentices access the tools they need for their educational and professional development.


Insurance and Financial Services:

Totum offers exclusive deals on insurance policies, including travel insurance, which is vital for students and apprentices planning trips. Additionally, you can find discounts on banking services, helping you manage your finances more efficiently.


Health and Well-being:

Health and well-being are essential aspects of a successful educational journey. Totum provides discounts on gym memberships, sports gear, and even mental health services to support the holistic development of students and apprentices.


Learning Resources:

In the age of digital learning, access to educational resources is crucial. Totum offers discounts on online courses and academic materials, ensuring that students and apprentices can supplement their learning effectively.


Why You Should Get a Totum Card:

Apart from the tangible benefits, having a Totum card also signifies your commitment to your educational or vocational journey. It's a symbol of being a part of a community that values personal growth and development. The savings you accumulate through Totum can be reinvested in your education or apprenticeship, ultimately helping you achieve your goals.



Totum is a fantastic resource for students and apprentices in the UK. It provides exclusive offers on a wide range of products and services, making it easier for learners to manage their expenses and enjoy life to the fullest. Getting a Totum card is a wise investment in your educational and professional future. So, if you haven't already, consider applying for one and start enjoying the multitude of benefits it offers.


As someone deeply involved in apprenticeships, I believe that initiatives like Totum play a crucial role in making education and vocational training more accessible. The financial burden on students and apprentices can be overwhelming, and any opportunity to alleviate that burden is welcome. Totum not only provides discounts but also fosters a sense of community and belonging among learners. It's an invaluable resource that I would recommend to all students and apprentices in the UK.


How to Apply for a Totum Card


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