Who is the biggest apprentice employer in the UK?

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Have you ever asked yourself, who recruits the highest number of apprentices in the UK?

As of 2021, the largest apprentice employer in the UK is the public sector, specifically the National Health Service (NHS).

According to government data, the NHS employed over 23,000 apprentices in 2019/20, making it the largest employer of apprentices in the country. Other large apprentice employers in the UK include the armed forces, Royal Mail, BT, and BAE Systems. However, these employers typically have fewer apprentices than the NHS.


What apprenticeships do the NHS offer?

The NHS offers a wide range of apprenticeships across various sectors. Here are some examples:


  • Healthcare Support Worker – This apprenticeship is for those who want to work as healthcare assistants in hospitals, community settings or in GP surgeries. They assist healthcare professionals with patient care and undertake a range of clinical and non-clinical duties.

  • Nursing Associate – This apprenticeship is for those who want to work as a nursing associate in a hospital, community or primary care setting. They support registered nurses in providing high-quality, patient-centred care.

  • Associate Ambulance Practitioner – This apprenticeship is for those who want to work as ambulance technicians or assistants. They work as part of the ambulance crew to respond to emergency calls, transport patients, and provide medical care and support.

  • Healthcare Science Assistant – This apprenticeship is for those who want to work in healthcare science. They provide support to healthcare scientists and carry out a range of technical and scientific duties.

  • Digital and Technology Solutions Professional – This apprenticeship is for those who want to work in digital and IT roles in the NHS. They design, develop, and implement digital solutions to improve patient care and support the wider NHS workforce.


These are just a few examples of the many apprenticeships that the NHS offers. The NHS also offers apprenticeships in business administration, finance, leadership and management, and many other areas.


NHS Apprenticeships

Am I guaranteed a permanent job with the NHS completing my apprenticeship?

Completing an apprenticeship with the NHS does not guarantee a permanent job. However, apprenticeships are a valuable way to gain work experience, develop skills, and increase employability. Many apprentices who complete their apprenticeships with the NHS go on to secure permanent roles within the organization or other healthcare providers.


The NHS has a commitment to creating employment opportunities for apprentices and to support their career progression. However, the availability of permanent roles within the NHS will depend on various factors, such as the current recruitment needs, budget, and the number of applicants for each role.


It's important to note that apprenticeships are a valuable way to gain work experience and learn new skills, and can help you to build a network of contacts within the healthcare sector. This can be very helpful when applying for future roles, whether within the NHS or elsewhere.


What jobs and salaries are on offer in the NHS?

The NHS offers a wide range of jobs across various sectors and specialties, with varying levels of responsibility and salary. Here are some examples of job roles and salaries within the NHS:


  • Healthcare Assistant - Starting salary: £18,005 per annum
  • Registered Nurse - Starting salary: £24,907 per annum
  • Paramedic - Starting salary: £24,907 per annum
  • Physiotherapist - Starting salary: £24,907 per annum
  • Occupational Therapist - Starting salary: £24,907 per annum
  • Radiographer - Starting salary: £24,907 per annum
  • Medical Doctor - Starting salary: £32,050 per annum


It's important to note that the above salaries are just starting salaries and can increase as you progress in your career within the NHS. In addition, the NHS also offers various benefits, such as pension schemes, flexible working arrangements, and generous holiday entitlements.


The NHS also offers a wide range of administrative, managerial, and support roles, with salaries ranging from around £18,000 per annum to over £100,000 per annum, depending on the level of responsibility and experience required for the role.

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