10 apprenticeships you didn’t know existed

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This week is National Apprenticeship Week. To mark the occasion Lee Pryor, Director of Apprenticeships at Luminate Education Group, one of the country’s largest education and apprenticeship providers, is shining a light on non-traditional apprenticeships.

‘You’ll end up making tea!’ We’ve all heard the stereotype. In fact, a recent survey suggests that almost two-thirds of people think they would be left doing limited, basic tasks if they signed up for an apprenticeship.

But in reality, when it comes to the various training methods available to us, none other has evolved more than the apprenticeship. A far cry from its origins on building sites and in offices, nowadays you can find an apprenticeship in pretty much every industry. 

With over 160 apprenticeship standards nationwide, you can get to experience vocational learning in an area you're passionate about, at the level best for you. Apprenticeships range from Level 2 to 7 - that’s GCSE right up to a Master’s!

To help showcase the variety of vocations and specialisms available, here are 10 apprenticeships that you might be surprised to know exist:

Horticulture Apprenticeships


From amazing garden designs to conserving some of our country’s most precious spaces and plants, you can find specialisms in this sector ranging from sport and leisure to planning and maintenance. Doing an apprenticeship in horticulture will help you gain experience in different parts of the industry, whilst learning from some of the best in the business.

Your place of work could be a public garden, local park or the picturesque countryside. Your day to day could involve prepping plants, upkeep of green spaces and site clearence. The maintenance of these spaces is essential for attracting tourism and investment to your local area, and as a horticulture apprentice, you’ll be at the very heart of this important task.



If you’ve got ambitions to get to the top of your game in the medical field, then you may be able to get there with an apprenticeship. The Institute of Apprenticeships (IfATE) have recently approved their first ever doctor degree apprenticeship, set for delivery from September. 

You might be based in a clinical setting such as a hospital or GP practice, or there may be the opportunity for you to fill a research position within universities, local authorities or independent institutues. 

Your typical working day will mainly involve interaction with patients, service users and carers, and applying your knowledge and skills to assess, diagnose and treat their healthcare needs. You’ll also be responsible for providing education and support to students training for a range of roles in healthcare.


Content Creator

If you’re savvy with social media and can get creative with a brief, an apprenticeship in content creation may be just the thing for you. Employers in this field can vary in size from micro businesses to multinationals, and encompass a wide range of sectors including charities, social media employers, digital agencies and broadcasters.

As a content creator, you’ll be expected to research, prepare and develop the messaging to maximise audience engagement. So whether that’s writing an article or directing an ad campaign, creativity is key. 

Typically, you’ll be interacting with clients, marketing and digital teams, production teams, budget holders, artists and end users, which provides a unique opportunity to develop your communication and stakeholder management skills.


Dog Grooming

If you’ve got your sights set on a particular career, don’t go barking up the wrong tree! An apprenticeship in dog grooming does exactly what it says on the tin; you’ll learn how to complete an end-to-end maintenance groom on a range of breeds and coat types. With over 200 recognised dog breeds in addition to hundreds of mixed breeds, there is so much to learn.

You might undertake work with care providers, rescue centres and kennels, giving you experience with a range of facilities. What’s more, with a typical end point assessment (EPA) taking place after just three months, you’ll be able to jump into the trade quicker than typical employment routes.

Journalism Apprenticeships


Journalism is an incredibly important profession; throughout history, writers and documentary filmmakers have told stories and shared news that shape how we interact with the world around us. As author John Spencer writes, “when students learn to make sense out of their world, they become the people who will transform it.”

But you need not be a best-selling author to have your say. As an apprentice journalist, you will be responsible for finding, researching and creating journalistic content tailored to your brand’s needs and target audience in a deadline-driven environment. 

Whilst your base may be an office, your real work could be anywhere. From sports and lifestyle to politics and current affairs, journalism covers a wide range of topics from a local, national and global perspective


Personal Trainer

Personal training is a growing industry, with job growth in this industry expected to increase by 39% by 2030. With a Level 3 apprenticeship in personal training, you’ll get the chance to develop personalised exercise and nutrition programmes to support clients with their health and fitness goals.

Alongside this, you’ll also get the chance to enhance your knowledge and understanding in a range of areas, from anatomy and physiology to information technology and business. Gaining a comprehensive understanding in these areas will allow you to provide an excellent service, all whilst teaching you to build and retain a stable client base.

During your apprenticeship you’ll most likely be based in a fitness or leisure centre, but once qualified you can make the choice to be self-employed, and run your business from anywhere.


Degree Apprenticeships

It might surprise you to learn that three-quarters of apprentices in the UK are over the age of 19. Whilst it is common for school leavers to take an apprenticeship, they’re open to anyone and are a great way to upskill and retrain. 

Degree apprenticeships range from Levels 4 (equivalent to a foundation degree) right through to 7 (equivalent to a Master’s Degree). The higher you go, the more specialised the apprenticeship becomes. 

If you’re a budding astronomer, a Level 4 Space Engineering Technician apprenticeship will help you master the basics, or for those more experienced in manufacturing, you might want to try your hand as a Level 6 Space Systems Engineer, which is an apprenticeship currently in development.


Funeral Director

Dealing with death on a daily basis and interacting with bereaved customers can be challenging, meaning the role isn’t suited to everyone. However the role of a funeral director is vitally important, and may be a good option for someone with excellent people skills and the ability to empathise.

You’ll most likely be based at a funeral home, but it will be important to maintain relationships with the whole community, including faith groups from different denominations, emergency services and venues. As part of this apprenticeship, you’ll also learn how to communicate with clients during the various stages of the grieving process.



In today’s digital-first world, it’s not hard to see why you might at first overlook a career in the printing industry. But print is still vital to sectors such as advertising, with print materials beating radio and even television in terms of UK advertising expenditure.

Within the industry there are lots of roles, from pre-print designers and artworkers, to technicians who are involved in every step in the production of printed materials. As part of an apprenticeship in print, you can choose to specialise as a pre-press or press technician, and the work you undertake will reflect the area most suited to you.


Live Event Technician

Are you an avid concert or festival goer? Often wonder what goes on behind the scenes? As a Live Event Technician apprentice, you’ll get hands-on experience working with a production team to deliver sound, lighting or video to a range of live events. 

If you’re someone who likes a bit of variety, this apprenticeship will allow you to attend a whole host of concerts across the country, or perhaps even internationally. You’ll be expected to work with minimal supervision to produce quality results, often to very tight deadlines.


So, where can I find out more?

As we’ve seen, the options available if you’re interested in taking on an apprenticeship are endless, and with new apprenticeships and standards brought out every year, it’s certainly an avenue worth looking into.

When looking for an apprenticeship the best thing you can do is research. Find a career or subject you are interested in, and search for those key terms on our website.

It’s also important to research your potential employer, as well as the apprenticeship standard to work out whether it's the place and level for you. If you’re struggling to find something, most local colleges have an apprenticeship offer, so reach out to them for advice.

To find out more about apprenticeships at Leeds City College, visit our website.

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