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Train to become a teacher in 12 months, on the job and get paid to do it through Teaching Apprenticeships!

Undertaking a Teaching Apprenticeship is an exciting alternative to completing a PGCE at university, and the good news is that it does not attract all the associated costs.

A trainee is paid as an unqualified teacher, while they learn on the job. They have access to quality training and support from expert tutors as well as an in-school mentor.

At e-Qualitas, the leading UK based, DfE approved, Initial Teacher Training company. We offer TAP - A Teacher Apprenticeship Programme, so university graduates can pursue a career in teaching. It is an on the job, salaried apprenticeship. Our success rate for training teachers is 95%. 

Job prospects are excellent, with most staying on and developing in the school they trained in.

The Teaching Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) provides a pathway for trainee teachers to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) within a 12 month period while earning a salary and learning on the job.

FAQ's about TAP

What is TAP?

The Teaching Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) provides a fee-free, salaried route for graduates to enter the teaching profession and gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) within 1 year.

Am I eligible to be part of the Teaching Apprenticeship Programme?

You will need a degree awarded by a UK higher education provider, or a recognised equivalent qualification.

If you want to be a secondary teacher, you will need The equivalent to a grade 4 in GCSE English and mathematics. 

If you want to be a primary teacher, you will need The equivalent to a grade 4 in GCSE English and mathematics and a Science subject. 

Will You help me find a school to complete my apprenticeship in?

YES! Graduates benefit from one-to-one support to find a school looking to employ a Teaching Apprentice.

If you are already working in a school as a Cover Supervisor or TA, we can help your school access their Apprenticeship Levy and employ you on your Teaching Apprenticeship, often at no cost to them.

What will I get paid during my apprenticeship?

You will be paid on at least point one of the Unqualified Teacher Pay Scale.

How much can you earn as an Apprentice Teacher

How does the training work?

You will be employed by the school for a minimum of 12 months during your Initial Teacher Training (ITT). After 9 months you will achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and then complete a final assessment, known as an End-Point Assessment, to pass the apprenticeship. Your training will be delivered by e-Qualitas. We are a DfE approved ITT provider, and we have expert tutors ready to support you through the process.

“A massive thank you to you and the different training tutors that provided us with in-depth information on how to achieve each of the Teachers' Standards, I have learnt a lot from them on each training day. In addition, I would like to discuss how amazing my GTP mentor was, Anna Savva has supported me throughout my training and I can't thank her enough for all of the constructive feedback and motivation she installed in me to be my best in becoming a great teacher which led me to achieve QTS.” 


Interested in hearing more about our Teaching Apprenticeship Programmes?  You can visit www.teachingapprenticeships.com for more information and how to train to become a teacher through the TAP.

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