Get discounts on fashion, retail, eating out and much more as an apprentice!

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Apprentice Extra Card

Enjoy discounts on the stuff you would usually buy. With an NUS Apprentice Extra card you can save money on your on-line or in-store purchases from leading retailers all across the UK.

It’s sometimes difficult saving money during further education or training as an apprentice and the Apprentice Extra card gives you that helping hand to save on your every day purchases, whether you are visiting the cinema or ordering a pizza for a quite night in the NUS Apprentice Extra card will give you great discounts so your money stretches that little further.

Leading brands both on and off line are offering great discounts to anyone currently doing an apprenticeship. Brands such as ASOS, Dominos Pizza and the Co-op are offering discounts of between 10%-30% or more.

To be legible for an apprentice extra card you must currently be actively doing an apprentice. There is also a small cost for the card £11 for twelve months which works out to be less than £1 per month and on average apprentices are saving over £13 monthly. You can read the full terms and conditions here to see if you are legible for the card.

So what are you waiting for, if you are currently an apprentice and love to shop sign up today and take full advantage of the great discounts on offer.

Click here to sign up: NUS Apprentice Extra

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