Apprenticeships in Formula 1 and motorsport will help you get in the fast lane!

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Starting an apprenticeship in Formula 1 will get you on the starting grid with your career. 

The Formula 1 season kicks off on Sunday 15th March in Australia at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit.

Lewis Hamilton was crowned the 2019 champion taking his tally up to six world championship titles ranking him second of all time. During Lewis Hamiltons career he has won eighty four races and has had 151 podium finishes, which is quite an achievement you will agree.

F1 Apprenticeships

However you don’t need to aspire to be a formula 1 world champion to have a career in the fast lane, you can start an F1 Apprenticeship with leading racing teams such as Red Bull or Ferrari in many areas such as Design Engineering or within their operations supporting the racing teams with roles such as Finance or HR.

If you decided to enter the world of formal 1 through the apprenticeship route this could open up endless possibilities for you and even let you travel the world along side the pit teams. As well as this especially if you trained in engineering these skill sets are transferable to other industries such as Aerospace and vice versa similarly you could start an apprenticeship in aerospace.

If pottering around a fuel driven engine with sophisticated powertrains doesn’t interest you there is always the option of Formula-E, which is very similar if not exactly the same but with electric powered engines. Formula-E is new to the racing world but taking off the starting line just as fast and becoming more and more popular with driving enthusiasts.

Entry level requirements do very across the board for F1 Apprenticeships and the spaces are very limited due to seasonal requirements of the sport and the time constraints on the racing teams to develop the world class racing cars. Alternatives to F1 Apprenticeships you could consider are motorsport apprenticeships, these may not be as attractive in relation to formula one but the possibilities are endless in terms of your career development and a good starting point to take the step up into F1. Either way if the smell of burning rubber and the adrenaline of driving fast excites you about the possibilities of a career in racing both options will get you onto the starting line.

Motorsport Apprenticeships

UK Motorsport Teams:

Manor Racing

Jaguar Racing

West Surrey Racing

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