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Why Apprenticeships

We have detailed below 7 of the top reasons as to why we believe an apprenticeship offers better prospects than going to university……

1) On The Job Training – Learn from those who know best. Individuals who have been working within your chosen trade will be able to share their knowledge and experience with you face to face, with a structured programme in place.

2) Earn While You Learn – As an apprentice you’ll earn a wage whilst learning what you love most.

3) Qualification – An apprenticeship will allow you to gain a recognised qualification and and in some cases, equivalent to a foundation level degree!

4) Debt Free – No tuition fees, no accommodate fee’s, no student overdrafts! The average student could well face debt of £30,000 plus from going to university.

5) Kick Start Your Career – An apprenticeship gives you a head start amongst the competition with on the job training and practical experience, which you can use to improve your career profile.

6) Secure Your Future – Most employers will offer a full-time career if you successfully complete your training, helping to secure and improve your prospects for the future, without the worry of having to job search!

7) Legal Protection – Peace of mind can now be assured, the government has announced plans to give apprenticeships legal protection by preventing employers from abusing the term.

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