Degree Apprenticeship

  • Apprenticeship Reference: GS21890
  • Date Posted: 7 November 2023
  • Apprentice Employer: Goldman Sachs
  • Location: London
  • Apprentice Pay: £10,000 to £35,000
  • Apprenticeship Sector: Engineering
  • Apprenticeship Type: Permanent, Degree Apprenticeship
  • Training Programme: 48 Months
  • Work Hours: Full Time

About this Apprenticeship

Get a head start on your career in Goldman Sachs while earning a degree.

The Goldman Sachs Degree Apprenticeships are four-year programmes for students pursuing an undergraduate degree from Queen Mary University of London or the London Institute of Banking and Finance. We offer three Degree Apprentice Programmes within FICC and Equities, Engineering and Operations.


As an Operations Degree Apprentice participant, you will:


  • Complete an apprenticeship within Goldman Sachs Operations while studying for a degree in BSc Finance & Investment at the London Institute of Banking & Finance
  • Graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Finance & Investment, with the potential opportunity of a full time position with the firm
  • Learn about, and contribute to, Operations whilst completing relevant qualifications. The placement within the firm will allow apprentices to apply academic skills to their day to day work


What We Do

Operations is at the core of Goldman Sachs. For every trade agreed, every new product launched or market entered, every transaction completed, it is Operations that enables business to flow.


Operations is integrated within our businesses and delivers banking, sales and trading, and asset management capabilities to all our clients. We work to protect the accuracy and efficiency at every step of the trade. For example, if a company wants to buy a block of stock, Operations first ensures that the stock and payment are ready to be traded. Next, we make sure that the trade is settled properly and on time. And finally, Operations confirms that each trade is reported accurately to the buyer, the seller, the firm and the regulators.


Along the way, Operations looks for anything that could expose our clients or the firm to financial loss, penalty or other risks. Operations does this for every transaction all around the world. Operations also aids in the design of the technology, the information flows and the processes that make it all work. We constantly monitor these systems and reengineer them to keep everything running as efficiently as possible.


Who We Look For


Operations recruits highly motivated individuals who can help the firm and its clients facilitate business. Professionals in Operations come from various academic and professional backgrounds and display the following personal qualities and attributes:


  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Intellectual curiosity, passion and self-motivation
  • Strong sense of teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Sense of risk management
  • Design, creativity and problem solving skills
  • Integrity, ethical standards and sound judgment
  • Commitment to excellence


Start Date: September 2024