Apprenticeships: New Year - New Career Prospects

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New year, new career and all that!  - Apprenticeships will help with your career prospects in 2022 

So here come the cliches, its a new year - are you thinking about a new career? Every year since I can remember that phrase has been banded about without a care in the world. 

However, when it comes to apprenticeships it actually sits well. Especially as the annual national apprenticeship week is only a few weeks away. Giving you plenty of time to start to think about your career prospects for 2022 using the apprenticeships route.

New Year New Career

So how can apprenticeships help your career in 2022?

Whether you already have a job or not, apprenticeships can either give you a nudge in the right direction or simply offer a stepping stone for you to kickstart you career. An apprenticeship at either an intermediate level or masters degree offers great opportunity for you to learn new skills and study towards a nationally recognised qualification.


If you already have a job and are over the hill, as the youngsters like to put it, you could consider adult apprenticeships. Which by the way are a myth, thats right there is no such thing as an adult apprenticeship - you can apply for an apprenticeship at any age. The term adult apprenticeships was adopted when the train2gain programme ended.


The Train2Gain programme was for over 25’s and when the scheme ended everyone on the Train2Gain programme was switch over to an apprenticeship. From that moment on the number of adults over twenty four taking up apprenticeships increase rapidly. 

Be what you want as an apprentice

What do you want to achieve in 2022 to help your career prospects?

As highlighted above, apprenticeships are great to support you with your career prospects. You  may be returning to six-form after the festive period and really don’t want to continue school study and feel the time is right to get into work. Or you already have a full-time job and have hit a break wall in terms of progression.


Don’t worry these are common feelings for most after the festive period.


If you are studying at school, sixth form, or are at college you are able to start an apprenticeship post 16. But as it is a legal requirement to stay in further education until you are 18, apprenticeships offer the best solution for you to start a career.


If you’ve hit that wall at work in your career - then get yourself onto the work intranet or pop down to your HR department and enquire abut apprenticeship training. It doesn’t matter if you’re 22 or 55 you can start an apprenticeship at any age.


In-fact many permanent employees are utilising apprenticeships in the workplace to help develop their employment prospects and still having the job security.

New Year, New Career cliches to one side!

An apprenticeship is a great option for you to consider not just because of the “On the Job Training” but an apprenticeship pays you a wage and other employee benefits. If you are already working and you want to develop your qualifications enquire about degree apprenticeships and who knows you might have yourself a bachelors degree in a few years.

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