Why are apprenticeships amazing? Because they are.

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Apprenticeships are AMAZING, and not just because we say they are.

Yes our opinion may be bias, but seriously apprenticeships are great - sorry scrap that apprenticeships are amazing.

Why are apprenticeships so amazing? Well let us tell you.

Apprenticeships are amazing because they offer you the opportunity to be able to work and get paid at the same time. As an apprentice you will benefit from learning on the job, having interaction daily with people who are current full-time employees so if you have any questions they are on hand to support you.

Apprenticeships are amazing

Thats not the only reason why apprenticeships are so amazing:

Apprentice Pay:

Apprenticeships have a minimum pay set by the government, who in recent years and with the backing from the industry have identified that apprentices have been previously under paid and now the minimum pay for apprentices has increased from £3.70 to £4.81 per hour by April 2022.

In our opinion this is just the start and it won’t be long before the minimum apprentice pay falls in line with the national minimum wage.

Legal Protection:

As an apprentice you are employed by the apprentice employer or the apprenticeships training provider and as such you will receive a contract of employment. The only small difference would your contract will have an end date, as you employment as an apprentice will end on the completion of your apprenticeship training.

If you are not given a contract of employment then you should question the validity of the apprenticeship.


Apprenticeships are a means of further education through on the job training, meaning you work and study towards a nationally recognised qualification. There is no other further education that offers you the ability to work and learn at the same time. 

As an apprentice you can study towards a HNC, HND or even a Bachelors degree, so you don’t even need to go to university.

On the job Training:

We saved the best till last and the ultimate reason why apprenticeships are so amazing! Learning in a classroom is great if you like theory, however theory is great but not when it comes to putting it into practise.

Apprenticeships enable you to get your hands dirty, literally if you apprenticeships is say in construction, you get to physically do the job whilst supported by a professional if you need help.

and that is why apprenticeships are amazing!

Amazing Apprenticeships

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