What is a Modern Apprenticeship? 21st century apprenticeships!

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What exactly is a modern apprenticeship?

Modern apprenticeships is a term most commonly used in Scotland for apprenticeships. Why they don’t just call them apprenticeships we don’t know. However it refers to paid work whilst receiving on the training through which allows for study.

Now you might be thinking that sounds exactly the same as an apprenticeship? and you would be right in thinking that. Apprenticeships are made up of the same elements no matter where you do your apprenticeship: 

On the job training + a wage + study toward national qualification = apprenticeship

Modern Apprentice

The Hear and Now:

We would be more inclined to think that the term “Modern Apprenticeships” refers more towards the modern era, the here and now. Apprenticeships have come a long way since there introduction in the 12th century, did you know that as an apprentice back then it wasn’t uncommon for you as an apprentice to live with the craftsman (crafts person) who was training you. Image that happening today! Apprentices were also as young as ten yrs of age.

You may have noticed we referred to a “Craftsman” which still has the same meaning today, a person skilled in particular craft. However back in the 12th century apprenticeships were only available in crafts such as ironmongery or stone masonry for instance and weren’t widely available as they are today.

So in terms of “What is a modern apprenticeship?” we guess it refers to the modernisation and proper structuring of the apprenticeship. Aligning to the modern day requirements where individuals will want to stay at home and travel to the place of work or making sure people were of the legal age to work.

Apprentices of today

Where would we be without Modern Apprenticeships?

If apprenticeships weren’t given an overhaul and brought into modern ways we guess they would still be stuck in the 12th century and they wouldn't be as popular and widely available as they are today.

Apprenticeships are available in hundreds of different industries and topics from aerospace apprenticeships to business management degree apprenticeships. Thank god somewhere along the way apprenticeships were given a complete overhaul to fall inline with requirements of today and the modern apprenticeship introduced.

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