How to find an apprenticeship in 2022: What you need to know!

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It's time to take action and start preparing to find an apprenticeship in 2022!

Finding an apprenticeship in 2022 is going to get tough, yes you heard it here first. If you are looking to find an apprenticeship next year then you need to read on.

This year has seen a significant increase in apprenticeships, on last year, due to the relaxing of COVID restrictions yet many companies have not returned 100% to normal practise. Many companies looking to hire an apprentice are still restructuring their working arrangements or waiting until next year when potentially things will be back to normal.

How to find an apprenticeship in 2022

Take action now don't wait till next year:

To find an apprenticeship next year you need to be a head of the game, take action now. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure you one step ahead:

  • Which employer? With any job researching potential employers is key and it’s just the same when it comes ot apprenticeships. Use review sites such as RateMyAprpenticeship or Glassdoor they publish honest reviews from apprentices and full-time employees so you can gauge what life would be like as an apprentice in their company.
  • Which Industry? Starting an apprenticeship is the start of your career so making sure you pick the right industry is vital. There are plenty of questions to ask yourself:

    1) Do I want to work outside?
    2) Can I see myself here in 5 years time?
    3) Does the industry pay enough?

  • Qualifications? Does the apprenticeship offer the qualifications I would like to achieve. Are you looking to attain specific qualifications such as HND’s or Degrees and if so does the apprenticeship pathway offer you this opportunity.
  • Curriculum Vitae: Do you have a cv? if not you'll need one. A cv is your chance to showcase yourself to attract the interest of a potential apprentice employer or apprenticeship training provider. You can use our guide to help with CV tips.

Once you have taken the above steps it’s time to get practical, you need to register with a few websites such as ourselves or there are others available. A quick google search will show you which are the top websites for apprenticeships.

Then set up apprenticeship alerts, what are these you ask? Basically it's a job alert for apprenticeships. Enter your requirements such as location, industry or study topic and more importantly your desired salary. Setting up an apprenticeship alert will save you heaps of time and reduce the hours you spend constantly search websites.

2022 Apprenticeships

Final steps to securing that apprenticeship in 2022:

Your personal brand may need some attention. Believe it or not many employers like to think they are private investigators in their spare time and like to do a search on potential employees using social media, so it's best to either lock down your personal social media accounts just incase you have some embarrassing pictures which should only be for close friends and family, or tidy up any photos and comments.

We then suggest setting up a LinkedIn account, LinkedIn is great and used by hundreds of millions of professionals around the globe. It is great for creating a professional profile and becoming very popular with many apprentices. The professional networking site is affectively an extension of your cv and allows you to create a public profile you can then add the link to your social media accounts and your cv. 

2022 Apprentices

You can register here to become an apprentice in 2022!

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