Next Steps: How to become an apprentice after A-level results

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Yesterday was A Level results day and now many of you are contemplating your next steps with regards to your career options. With the recent announcement also of low numbers of Graduate Jobs available, is the prospect of going to university less appealing? What other options are available?

Next steps to becoming an apprentice

Degree Apprenticeships or hIgher apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to work towards a Bachelors or Masters degree, whilst working full-time with an employer and gaining the valuable on the job training you require to be successful in your career goals.

How do you become a apprentice studying for a Degree Apprenticeship?

Step 1) Route - As with your choices for University first of all do some research into what field you want to map a career in. Once you have decided the route that is best for you the next step is to research on available apprenticeships.

Step 2) Research - Whether you are looking to start an apprenticeship that is sector specific, such as Banking or the legal field or role specific like Quantity Surveying or Business Administration there are plenty of options for you to secure an apprenticeship. Take to google to start your research and you use website like the one you are on now or other similar sites like NotGoingToUni and so on. Look to see what apprenticeship jobs are available and then make an informed decision from there.

Step 3) Create a CV - Curriculum Vitaes are still needed when applying for an apprenticeship, although many employers are now adding new application processes like uploading a short video or pre-screening questions to the application process. However a cv will be required to complete your apprenticeship application. Use this guide to create the perfect cv - 10 Essential CV and Cover letter tips for apprentices

Step 4) Apply - Yep that rights, all you need to do next is apply for apprenticeship jobs, register with the relevant websites and upload your cv, create a profile and then submit to apprenticeship opportunities that take your fancy. Anther tip at this point would be to search Google for relevant apprenticeship job opportunities and see if any direct employers come up in the SERPS, as they may not be advertising on third party websites.

Step 5) LinkedIn - We all love a bit of social media whether it be facebook, Twitter or Insta but have you tried the worlds biggest network for connect to individuals or businesses? LinkedIn is a great market place to promote yourself and connect to industry professional, and when you do connect you can message directly for advise or apprenticeship job opportunities.

Step 5) Relax - Sit back, kick back and relax as there is not much else you can do. Well apart from apply for more apprenticeship jobs. Before COVID our recommendation would have been to apply for at least 5 apprenticeships, however due to larger volumes of applications this figure has risen so we suggest applying for at least 10.

We hope you received the A-Level results you wanted and find our advice helpful and wish you all the best in your hunt for a Degree Apprenticeship.


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