Covid busting Apprenticeships: Job sectors flourishing during the pandemic

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Covid busting Apprenticeships: Job sectors flourishing during the pandemic to help with finding an apprenticeship

Covid busting apprenticeships

Recent events, namely Covid, have coursed many apprentices to have been made redundant from their employers due to a number of reasons which include:

  • Closing of businesses
  • Cost associated with training
  • Lack of business - No income

These are just a few to name, we can all quite honestly say we never saw a pandemic coming seven months ago and that we would all have to wear face masks to do your weekly shop.

It’s been a tough five months, we for have had to adapt our business to help support people in vulnerable situations, needing work such as adult apprenticeships or college and school leavers who’ve previously had their sights set on starting an apprenticeship as a route into further education.

But lets not for get these are bleak times but they will pass, just like other historical events like the WW’s or the financial crisis and guess what we’ve grown stronger as a country, if not the world.

The good news is there are plenty of flourishing businesses out there looking to hire an apprentice just like yourself and the government is giving them a helping had by offering them incentive payments to help with the cost of training.

If you are considering starting an apprenticeship we recommend you focus your search on industries that aren’t affected by global conditions such as pandemics, we’ve highlighted a few sectors to help:

  • Utilities - No matter what goes on in the world people still need water, gas, electric and telephones making the utility sector one of the safest employment sectors in the UK.

  • Banking - People have to keep their money somewhere, and what better place then a bank. Banks are predominately technology driven and adapting all the time to their environments.
  • Social Media - Giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter are flourishing at the moment due to people being confined and mostly Dominating through social media and APPs like WhatsApp and TikTok.
  • Supermarkets - People still need to eat, and it’s not just the supermarkets that are hiring think of the supply chain such as farms and bakeries.

These are just a few of our recommendations, there are plenty more. If you can’t find an apprenticeship then why not look out for available jobs, at present there are over 190k available jobs on

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