Apprenticeships or University: it’s really up to you to decide

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Apprenticeships or University: it’s really up to you to decide!

Apprenticeships or University you decide

This has always been a big debate, should you consider an apprenticeship over university? The truth is there is no real answer that anyone can give you as it a decision you would need to make. Yes there are many different benefits for choosing either an apprenticeship or the university route.

So how do you decide?

The best solution for finding the answer to this question is writing a pros and cons list, it’s as simple as that. You can spend hours online ready many articles or blog posts, just like this one, advising you why you should chose an apprenticeship or the latter.

The issue with constantly scrolling through lengthy posts is they will be written specifically for their own gain. For instance, if you are on a website that promotes apprenticeships the likelihood is they will write in favour of apprenticeships and vice versa.

So whats the simple conclusion, don’t go online and prepare a pros and cons list. Why?

It’s simple only you can decide if you want to do an apprenticeship or go off to university and like we said there are benefits to each, so we thought we would highlight a few to kick start your list.

Apprenticeship Pros:

  • Paid a salary to learn new skills
  • Learning on the job from experts
  • No sitting in long lectures
  • Gaining valuable work experience

Apprenticeship Cons: 

  • Working full-time hours (possibly)
  • Lower pay during my training


University Pros:

  • Staying away from home
  • Potentially getting a degree
  • Student lifestyle

University Cons:

  • Student debt
  • Home sickness
  • Hangovers

These are just a few examples of what could be your pros and cons of starting an apprenticeship or going to university, but you get the drift.

Best of luck in whichever route you decide to take, we hope this post helps you in making your decision.

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