7 Apprenticeship myth busting facts

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We have busted some myths about apprenticeships to set the record straight

Apprenticeship Myths

Apprenticeships are only for young people

Apprenticeships have historically only been available for applicants between the ages of 16-24yrs of age, however in recent years the age restriction on apprenticeships has gone and you can now do an apprenticeship at any age. There is now the option to do adult apprenticeships for existing employees or people looking to move jobs.

Only manual sectors offer apprenticeships

In the past their has been a stigma attached to apprenticeships that they are only for manual jobs such as plumbing or electricians. Since the government started actively backing apprenticeships and introducing new apprenticeship standards the available city for modern apprenticeships has opened up doors to apprentices in many industries including information Technology, Nursing or even Hairdressing.

Apprenticeships have no value for your career prospects

Apprenticeships are now coming the industry norm to help develop your career especially if you have decided not to go to university. As the standards for apprenticeships are governed by the government they quality is much, meaning employers take apprenticeship qualification into account when reviewing job applications.

Apprenticeships don’t offer great qualifications

One of the most underrated facts about apprenticeships. Apprenticeships offer many qualifications from HNC sees all the way up to Degree Apprenticeships such as a Bachelors or masters degree giving you the same level of qualification as going to university but with on the job training and experience putting you ahead of the competition.

Employers pay peanuts to apprentices

The starting wage for apprentices is now £4.15 per hour if you are in your first year of your apprenticeship or under the age of 18 then it goes up depending on your age. If you are between the age of 21-24 the minimum wage is £8.20 per hour. This is set by the government and a legal requirement.

Companies don’t recruit apprentices

Since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy by the government more and more companies are recruiting apprentices to be able to utilise the levy in training new staff to help reduce the skills gap. On average 250k apprentices are recruited each year in the UK.

Apprenticeships are only offered for cheap labour

Apprentices are paid less then maybe someone employed by the company in a similar role as a full-time employee, however you are training and the cost of your training is also paid by the employer and they are investing their time into giving you the skills required to succeed. It is also paramount for employers to build a work force for the future through the apprenticeship route, they are looking for future employees who will be paid inline with permanent employees once qualified.

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