NAW2018 Gets off to a flying start!

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This week saw the launch of the 11th National Apprenticeship Week, and what a week it’s been so far. There has been plenty to talk about, especially success stories from apprentices working for renowned companies such as EY, Siemens and Redrow to name a few.

Why have apprenticeships become so popular? Well thats a good question, it’s down to a number of factors such as the rising cost for University fees and the myriad of opportunities now available across multiple industry sectors.

You can now do an apprenticeship in almost any sector from Childcare to a Rocket scientist, well maybe not a rocket scientist but you get the drift. In recent years apprenticeships have had a stigma attached to them that you can only train in blue collar sectors such as Plumbing or Construction but now the idea of apprenticeships has moved from the building sites to the board rooms of the majority of leading organisations across the country.

So why has this happened? Well it’s simple, the UK is experiencing it’s worst skills shortage on record and to tackle it and safe guard the future of business in the UK the government pledged to help place 3million apprentices into on the job training, which is paid by the way. They have even implemented a levy on organisations with a salary bill of more than £3million per year, the Apprenticeship Levy, this is to encourage them actively to participate in hiring apprentices.

Whats in it for me? you ask! Where do I start. The benefits of apprenticeships for both budding apprentices and employers are phenomenal, you get to earn why you learn whilst employers to get to transfer valuable skills and knowledge on to the future works force of the UK.

What Other benefits are there?

Qualification: Apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to train for an NVQ, HNC or HND, and for higher apprenticeships you could even gain an Honours Degree.

Money: As of April 2018 the minimum rate for an apprentice to be paid is £3.70, this is applicable if you are under 19yrs or within your first year of your apprenticeship. However to attract budding apprentices many companies offer a higher rate. After 19 you are entitled to the National Living Wage.

Learning: On the job training. What better way to learn a new skill and develop your personal knowledge base then to learn from people doing the job. Plus you receive training from either a recognised training provider or day release to college to receive further knowledge around your chosen apprenticeship.

Debt Free: The average cost of going to university is mounting up with term fees and accommodation costs. Do an apprenticeship does not have the benefits of the social life you may have with being a student, but you won’t have the heavy debts associated with uni and plus you’ll probably have less hangovers.

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