With Brexit looming is now time to focus on Apprenticeships?!?

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Unless you have had your head in the clouds for the last two years you will be fully aware of Brexit, an over used term to describe the UK leaving the European Union. In June 2016 the country voted to leave the EU with an exit dated scheduled for March 2019

Now what does that mean for businesses? 

Well in our opinion the labour market is not looking good. To start with the Uk is already experiencing a skills shortage across many industry sectors such as Construction, Technology and support services. It is no surprise that a lot of organisation employ a number of European citizens, now for those already with work in the UK things should be great as they can apply to stay. However moving forward what does this mean for new applications to work in the UK.

Seventeen months is not a long time, and before we know it we will have exited the EU.

So you ask yourself how can we prepare for this? 

The answer is to train from the ground up, apprenticeships are key. There are many benefits to apprenticeships such as knowledge transfer, higher staff retention and employee satisfaction. But with regards to Brexit the benefit of apprenticeships is clear, you will be safe guarding your business from an inevitable skills shortage due to the lack of available resources.

It’s now time to start thinking about the future and to be proactive!

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