The Apprentice so far! How have Lord Sugar’s potential business partners fared this year.

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On the 4th October the wait was finally over for the return of the eagerly awaited The Apprentice, back for it’s 13th Season. Our Wednesday nights are filled again with laughter and sadness, with the odd piece of stupidity thrown in.

But how has the journey been so far for the contestants, we are now on week 8 of which the apprentices will have to set up their own doggy businesses, would you entrust them with your best friend? I think not!

Heres a quick recap of who's been fired so far!

W1) Danny Grant. 

The task was to acquire and sell burger products at a market stall during a lunch time rush, however Danny’s team were a bit late to the stall and missed the lunch hour! Hmmm not what I would call a great start!

W2) Jeff Wan. 

The breakdancing legend that is, was a part of the loosing team tasked with giving a room a make over in a plush Buckinghamshire hotel. Unfortunately I think they miss understood the task as their room was anything far from plush, they couldn’t even get the colours of the union jack correct! 

W3) Elliot Van Emden.

Well how can we forget this one, Jeffrii or is it Siimon? Who knows but lets just run with it anyway, why on earth you would change the name of your product after it has been programmed. There were many who made mistakes on this task but unfortunately Elliot got the bullet.

W4) Siobhan Smith.

What can you say about this episode apart from it was a disaster from the start. Siobhan who supposedly organises weddings in Dubai took the rains on this one, which subsequently cost her! I did feel for them on this one though, as I believe the corporate clients were given orders not to go above £2.5k which was pretty cheap for a corporate box at Wembley, even for the Women's FA Cup final.

W5) Ross Fretten.

Again another disaster, the teams had to acquire nine items in and around London ear marking different periods in time from Lord Sugar’s years on the run up to his 70th birthday. Trying to buy Jewish food from a Turkish shop says it all really!

W6) Sarah-Jayne Clark.

Well I’m glad I wasn’t visiting Bruges at the time this show was being recording, as I probably would have fallen into the trap of paying to be walked around the same building for an hour! These tours were the most boring and dull experiences ever, do they not question whether they would take the tour or not?

W7) Sajan Shah.

Creating an advert for a new car to be released by Ford, I do hope they weren’t pinning any hope on actually using any of the ideas that came up during the show. As for Sajan being Creative Director, as he uses a camera, I wouldn't constitute a business hiring photo booths as having a creative background!

The next episode is set to be another roller coaster of a ride for the contestants, lets just hope no animals were harmed during filming!
One thing is for sure the girls are out shining the guys this year!
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