Metro Rod Apprenticeships

About this apprentice employer

Introducing the Metro Rod Apprenticeship Scheme

The ‘Apprenticeship in Drainage Inspection, Maintenance and Repair’ has been designed specifically for Metro Rod.

An industry first, it focuses solely on drainage & plumbing and has been accredited by The Institute of Training & Occupational Learning (ITOL). The programme consists of 37 internal courses and 12 external courses to make it the most comprehensive apprenticeship within the drainage industry.

This bespoke programme means that we do not depend on colleges for training input. This brings two big advantages for your career development:

  1. Your training and development will be individually tailored to make you a “multi-skilled drainage specialist”. You will be mentored by expert drainage technicians and business owners with years of experience.

  2. Your training and development will take place while you are in the work-place and dealing with “live” problems – meaning you earn money as you learn.

The apprenticeship has been designed to provide a structured learning programme that will give you the necessary skills to become a successful and professional member of the Metro Rod community.

Being an Apprentice for Metro Rod

Metro Rod is a franchise business. This brings many advantages to you as an apprentice:

Working for a Local Business

You will be directly involved in a local franchise depot, being mentored by expert drainage technicians and the business owner. Each business within the Metro Rod network shares common values:

  • Commitment to their employees and to the local community
  • Loyalty to create strong personal bonds with all employees
  • Stability to offer employees structure in their working life and career

Working for Metro Rod, you’ll feel like part of a new family. Support, guidance and education are our priority because we want you to love what you do and who you do it for.

Working with a National Brand

Not only do we have the advantages of being a local depot, but Metro Rod is also a powerful national brand that aims to grow both the business and the employees that are part of it.

We offer an extensive national support system and have access to drainage experts for you to learn from. You may start as an apprentice, but will be given the opportunity to further your technical capabilities and all-round business knowledge, from marketing and sales to people and operational management.

We pride ourselves on the team ethos we have created at Metro Rod and would love to see you become a part of our family.