LDN Apprenticeships

About this apprentice employer

We believe that young people are remarkable and that they have the potential to help businesses achieve remarkable things.

Since 2010, we have worked with thousands of young people, helping them to harness their Energy and Enthusiasm, Willingness to learn, Ability to take feedback and Propensity to take action. We call this #EEWAP, and it’s helped over 500 young people to become successful LDN Apprentices.

The candidates we work with are talented and energetic young people who are enthusiastic about starting their career and learn new skills in a practical, working environment. They understand the value in the awesome opportunities that our clients have to offer and are ready for the world of work.

Our Values

#DoAwesome Doing awesome is having #EEWAP – Energy, Enthusiasm, Willingness to Learn, the Ability to take feedback and a Propensity to take action.

#TakeOwnership We are responsible and accountable for our own actions, behavioursand results.

#BeResilient Our work is full of challenges, and we thrive on our ability to actively confront and overcome them as a team.

#HaveCompassion We care for our apprentices, clients and our people and put this at the heart of everything we do.

#CelebrateSuccess We celebrate the good work and achievements of our people, students and clients.