Davidsons Homes

About this apprentice employer

Here at Davidsons Homes our main focus isn’t to build new homes at record speed. We take our time to make sure they are right for you and right for the surrounding area, paying great attention to the exterior designs, brickwork and detailing which we hope will be enjoyed and admired for generations to come.

Each development is built to fit into the local area. We take quality very seriously, you can tell from looking at the bricks, the individual differences to each home design, even down to the colour of the front door. From the moment you walk into a Davidsons Homes development you should recognise the time and expertise that has been taken to build these homes.

We hand pick the best people to work with us

Our highly skilled and talented team are the best in the business. From architects, engineers, architectural designers and technicians, landscape architects and urban designers we draw together creative teams to make sure that every Davidsons
development becomes a place that we hope you’ll be
proud to call home.