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Amazon is the perfect place to learn new skills with a range of apprenticeship opportunities to suit candidates with different backgrounds, qualifications and career aspirations.

Our Operations, Engineering and Technical teams are crucial to ensuring that we continue to deliver and innovate for customers. We have big plans and want to continue to develop and retain the best talent. Our apprenticeship schemes are aimed at people who have a passion for learning new skills and who want to start a career now – possibly as an alternative to continuing in education or in order to retrain in a new direction. You will need to be committed to your own development and be prepared to make the most of the opportunities given to you. A desire to succeed and make the most of the hands on experience and qualifications on offer to you is essential. After graduating from an apprenticeship programme, you’ll be qualified to apply to join our team permanently in any of a number of different roles as you embark on an exciting career.

Engineering – Process Automation Engineering Degree Level 6 Apprenticeship

Join us on our 48 month Automation Engineering scheme and you’ll combine studying for a degree with hands-on practical training in both general engineering basics as well as PLC controls specialisms. The first year of your apprenticeship you will gain hands-on practical training on a residential basis at Trafford College, where you will also begin to study towards a HND in Electrical & Electronics engineering. In years 2 and 3 you will complete your HND on a block release basis whilst working alongside our Automation Engineers in one of our fulfilment centres. In year 4 of your apprenticeship you will complete a work based automation project and attend the University of Salford on block release to achieve a BEng degree in Controls and Automation.

Digital and Technology Solutions Professional – Software Development Degree Level 6 Apprenticeship (SDE) 

Join us on our SDE Apprenticeship where you will work with cutting-edge technology to develop critical products for our customers, and offer excellent technical support. Developers at Amazon work on real world problems on a global scale, own systems end-to-end, and influence the direction of our technology that delights hundreds of millions of customers around the world. As an SDE Apprentice, you will have the opportunity to work in one of our corporate office across Bristol, Cambridge, London or Scotland.

You will build your skills over a 48 month period through Classroom based training hosted offsite, Amazon’s on-the-job training program- all delivered in a blended-learning approach, using a combination of digital learning and face-to-face sessions, video, core reading, exercises and online tutorial. Working towards a BSC in Digital and Technology Solutions Professional.

IT- MA (Hons) IT Management for Business – Scotland only

On this 48 month graduate apprenticeship scheme based in our development center in Scotland you will be part of the Global IT organization which supports growth through the implementation of technology solutions including: desktop productivity tools, systems, network and telephony infrastructure, and company-wide technology programs such as capacity planning and availability.

During your first year you will cover modules such as Interactive Systems, Software Development 1, Business skills, Enterprise and its Business Environment and continue to learn across the duration of the scheme while working alongside professionals and day release studying at a local university. You will work towards MA (Hons) IT Management for Business.

IT - Infrastructure Technician and Network Engineering/Project Management- Level 3 and Level 4 Apprenticeship 

Join us on our IT Apprenticeships where you’ll combine studying, including both classroom based training hosted offsite and complimented with Amazon’s on-the-job training, supported by our specialist teams on site in our Fulfilment Centres or Corporate offices. You will be working with systems and technology, focused on delivering the highest service and delighting our end customer. During your first year you will be introduced to the fundamental technical skills you need to become a successful Amazon technical employee. 36 month scheme consists of Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship standard in year 1 and then year 2 and 3 you will complete either a Level 4 apprenticeship in Network Engineering or IT Project Management (both are equivalent to first year of degree study).

Engineering - Advanced Mechatronics Level 3 Apprenticeship 

Join us on our 48 month Mechatronics Advanced scheme and you’ll combine college-based learning with hands-on training. During your first year you will be based at a technical training centre on a residential basis, learning the engineering basics that you will need in your role with us. Outside of college term times you’ll enrich your studies by working alongside members of our skilled workforce in one of our fulfilment centres. During years 2, 3 and 4 of the apprenticeship you will build your skills in the workplace as well as continuing your academic studies either on day or block release. You will achieve the Level 3 Engineering Technician (Mechatronics Maintenance) apprenticeship standard as well as a HNC in Engineering.

Digital Marketer Apprenticeship – Level 3 

Our 18 month duration digital marketing apprenticeship combines studying a range of knowledge modules with on the job learning working alongside our digital marketing professionals on a day to day basis. Typically you may be involved in social media campaigns, copyrighting, media analytics, supporting events, coordinating marketing activities, social community management and helping to develop new campaigns.

You will learn the principles of marketing, data analytics, coding and web page development via face to face tutoring and virtual classroom sessions during the first 12 – 14 months of the apprenticeship, building a portfolio of evidence showcasing what you have learnt. During the final stage of the apprenticeship you will work on a business project which brings together all of the skills and knowledge gained during the programme.

Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship – Level 3 

The Content Apprentice EU reports to the Senior Content Editor and will work closely with the wider Content and Creative team, as well as the marketing, art and design, social, photo studio and vendor management (buying) teams. During the 18 months on the apprenticeship you will learn content planning, content development, content creation & evaluation as well as building your knowledge of the wider industry via off the job face to face learning, webinars and online videos. You will produce a portfolio of evidence and a reflective blog over the duration of the apprenticeship that will showcase your learning.

The purpose of this role is to assist the Content and Creative team in delivering world-class fashion content across European sites (Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain). The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on all aspects of the content offering – from photo shoots to copywriting and social media.  This role is a fantastic training for anyone looking to break into fashion content creation.

Operations – Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) Level 2 Apprenticeship

Join us on our 13 month BIT Apprenticeship scheme and will be trained on our process paths while also growing your skills in crucial, complementary areas like safety first, problem solving, communication and project planning. Over the course of the apprenticeship you will be introduced to the fundamental operational excellence modules and will work towards a Level 2 apprenticeship in Business Improvement Techniques.